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Shock spring for 2011 GSX-R600

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by tollarja, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Has anyone had any luck finding replacement shock springs? I am not finding great customer service anywhere. The problem may be I can install myself and there isn't enough profit. Still, I help people when I can in my job...

    Length body threaded 27 mm
    Length body smooth 95 mm
    Lower collar OD 55 mm
    Maximum length 188 mm
    Minimum Length 174 mm
    Thread diameter 45 mm
    Upper collar OD 54 mm
    Body diameter 43 mm
    Travel (Bottom hits bumper) 37 mm

    Some other useful information may be:
    Stock spring height is approximately 192 mm and I can get it on and off the shock without using a spring compressor.
    Stock spring outside diameter is 77 mm.
    Stock spring inside diameter is 57 mm.

    Suzuki 2011 GSX-R600
    265 lbs w/o gear
    Twisties and trackdays
    Motorcycle weighs approx. 410-425 lbs

    Shock spring rate is 11.7 kg/mm recommended by Race tech calculator for street/track.
    The recommended fork spring rate is 1.1 kg/mm for street/track.
  2. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Why can't you just order one from Race Tech?

  3. KFG was the first shop I called, but apparently only Barry knows if they have the spring's I need and he was in Oregon. They didn't call me back on Saturday or today. I called them several times on Saturday to see if I could pop the spring in and put her back together.

    Race Tech, found or made a spring for me today and it should be here before the weekend.
  4. Well, race tech didn't do their homework despite the fact that I sent them the answer sheet. They sent the 178 mm 11.6kg/mm spring that I knew was 12 mm too short. That is why I sent the dimensions in the first place. I called them on Friday and hopefully they got started on making a spacer, but they didn't confirm that they had even received my third email with the dimensions. How much do you want to bet they forget about me over the weekend?

    I called kfg racing, whom have not called me back once in four calls, to see if they have any spacers. Barry is once again the only person able to do anything there and I would have to wait for him to get back.

    I wonder how long it would take me to lose 125 lbs so I can just use the stock springs...
  5. Thanks for offering help guys.

    Race tech did not forget about me over the weekend and should ship the collar soon.

    Meanwhile I got a call from Brain Trudeau from fluid suspension science and he said he had a collar and I could have it. I will just give him the race tech one when it gets here. I went over and he popped the spring and collar on the shock that evening and gave me 8mm of shims saying "Just try it."

    With the help of my dad, I put the shock on today and sent Brian an email asking when he would be free to pop in the new fork springs and do a setup. I got an immediate text back saying today, the fourth of July, was good.

    I rode over later that evening. He asked about the shims, but I didn't even have my tires inflated back to street pressure and I just put the rear tire on and rode there because I was running late. It was basically an unfamiliar bike with the new shock spring.

    The fork springs require some Showa specific tools, so he is going to order those. I did however get a setup, specifically for the ridge. OK, I know what it is like to go from a soft squishy suspension to proper springs and proper sag. There was good improvement from that, but the combination of shims and fork tube adjustment made my only complaint about moving up to this bike go away. Oh man, does this thing steer great now, it steers as quick or quicker than my CBR250R. Now this motorcycle felt planted and stable stock, but now I understand what it is like to feel the road. The front end is so much better now. I wish I had this setup for turns 3 and 4 at pacific because I think by the end of the day I would've been killing it. It just turns in the way I think it should. I can't wait to go to the ridge next week!
  6. Yup, 8mm and some fork tube showing made this bike feel like a nimble 250.
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