Shoei RF-1000 Pearl Grey XXL

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  1. Selling my XXL Shoei RF-1000 Pearl Grey. Only had it for about 2 months but now it does not fit me since i've lost nearly 30-35 pounds lol in those 2 months. It has never been dropped and has no chips of any kind. Will come with the pinlock visor guard with the anti fog slip on, original visor, nose guard (breath guard?), and the chin curtain. If interested contact me at (253)306-7733 or via email at I am located in tacoma so for anyone far south or north i can meet you guys half way

    Asking for $200.00 OBO! MSRP for one of these is between $360-380 depending on dealer.



    These are the nose guard and the original visor forgot to add the chin curtain lol.
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  2. bump!! lol need this gone.
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  3. bump price cut.
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