Short notice ride, 12/01/09

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by curveaddict, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. I'm going up toward/beyond Cougar today. If interested meet me at Krispy Kreme, at Andreson and Padden PKWY. I plan on rolling at 12:30. If you want to ride but can't make it that soon, call me to arrange a later departure time (phone number in my profile). I will be on the 'tard.
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    Damnit... I knew this was gonna happen. I'm tempted to close up the shop and go riding... but my chain sounds like it's crushing walnuts so I think I'll just stay at work.

    Have fun!
  3. i loooked too late damit
  4. dang, would loved to have gone with but i was helpin my grandpa with his clutch, he paid me too! tomorrow?
  5. I got home at 4:30. I rode all the way up to where the gate blocks NF 25; near the top of the first set of switchbacks. Then I retraced my route back home. The road conditions were good along the entire route I took; clean for the most part with damp patches in the shady spots. These clear nights are getting cold up above Cougar, so I expect that those damp patches will become icy during the night and morning hours. Not a big surprise, just a reminder that it is December after all.

    I may ride again tomorrow, but I won't know for certain until I make a couple of phone calls tomorrow morning.

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