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Shortening Kickstand

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by winky, May 29, 2012.

  1. I just lowered my girls GS500e and I need to either bend or shorten the kickstand. I am looking for someone with the tools and know-how to do one or the other of these.

  2. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    Find a spare or already shortened after market kickstand so that if/when you sell the bike, you can raise it back up to stock height and put the original length kick stand back on.

    Other than that, I gots nothin else to offer except some cigarettes, tools, and a few beers if you wanna hack away at it in my garage.

  3. I was planning on only bending it about 1/2 inch and flare it out a little so that later if i need to i can bend it back. The adjustable kickstands are about 150 on amazon and ebay and I just dont want to spend that kind of money to do something simple. If I butcher the kickstand its only 15-20 for a "new" one if i need it to sell the bike. Odds are when and if I sell the bike it will be to another rookie who will probably want to keep it lowered at least to learn on.
  4. Very imporotant; Is it a cast stand or is it a steel tube?

    I freehanded this stand out of billet years ago.


    Not offering to do that, just give it a bend or cut weld or something along that line.
  5. It is a tube. I tried to bend it but it is pretty damn stiff. I was hoping to heat it up a little and then bend it. I dont really want to cut it if i dont have to since the bend is going to be so slight.

    Nice work on that billet one though that looks fantastic.
  6. If it's a steel tube just cut the foot off and weld it back on after removing a 1/2" or so.
    I'd roll it up on a chunk of 1/2" ply wood and set the stand on the concrete and see if that's about right. If so, cut , clean, weld, touch up with a grinder, done. 20 mins.
    I have all the stuff if you want to bring it up.

    I made this one too. Use the factory top and added a thin chromoly tube and chromoly plate for the foot.
    It was a cast stand. I think it lost a pound off it.


    PM me if you want to bring it up. I'll be working on my 9rr.
  7. I actually just found a place called Glens up in Lynnwood and he is going to do it for 30$ which I am just fine spending.
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  8. Cropduster

    Cropduster jimd2p aka Dweezlebutt

    Good price. When I lowered both my bikes, I cut a 1/4" more out of the kick stand than I lowered the bike so it leaned properly. If you lowered it an inch and only take out an inch, it really feels like it wants to fall over to me.
  9. Bring it over and I'll shorted it for free. I just shortened the stand on my WR250R.
  10. $30 right on. What's he going to do? Shorten it or bend it?
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