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Sidi ST Air, or with no perforation? Calf size problems?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by metricHalfPint, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Anyone with muscular calves own Sidi ST boots and have any problems with them being too tight? According to the boot description, at 12.5" from the heel they should accommodate a 15" calf, but that is not much if you count leathers and socks on top, since they added like 3 inches to my own measurements. I read one review where the guy said his 16" calves fit in fine with room to spare even with leathers on, but he didn't mention what size boot it was.

    Also, any preferences as to the Air version versus no perforation for typical PNW weather? Not in a position to buy a pair of each, and it seems like it would be better to have warm sweaty feet than rain-soaked cold ones.
  2. Should be just fine unless you've got some huge cankles. Personally, I'd go for the perforated version.

  3. With 18" calves and size 12.5 I fit with plenty of room to spare. Unless they are 19-20" amd size 10 I doub you'll have an issue.
  4. Great, thanks. The numbers help a lot.
  5. You'd have the opposite problem I have if ya don't fit! I crank my vortices down all the way and still have some room, even with bulky socks.
  6. The first time I used my current boots was during one of the two wettest track days I have ever seen. I distinctly remember appreciating the airflow even in the rain. Much prefer ventilation.
  7. I've encountered many posts on different forums indicating Sidi boots "ran small" or were narrow, so I was curious if they would fit me differently than other boots. Years ago a professional Birkenstock vendor sized my feet at 37. Currently I also own a size 37 pair of Dainese Quitos. No matter whether sandals, shoes, or boots, I can't recall any footwear labeled as a 37, whether in Europe or the US, that hasn't fit.

    I don't have particularly wide feet, so their width wasn't a concern. I was surprised, however, when the first instant I slipped my foot into the boot I could feel my big toe touch the front. Not to worry, though, these boot not only resemble ski boots somewhat with all their armor, buckles, and style of entry, but they have a similar fit in that once you bend your knee, even slightly in this case, your foot slides back in the boot and you gain clearance in front. Like a well-fitting track suit, they're apparently meant to be most comfortable while in riding position, not while walking around upright.

    The description of the boot found on the websites of many vendors says it fits a calf with "up to a 15-inch diameter." That would be monstrously large, so it must be a typo. My calves have a 14-inch CIRCUMFERENCE at their widest, and using the default (opened to a little more than half of the strap length) to which the upper clasps were set when they arrived, they fit fine over socks. I'll have to adjust them before putting on my track suit, though, because the leather adds 3 inches around my calves. Each adjusting buckle strap on either side of both boots has 3 inches of 2mm teeth, offering a wide range of adjustability, scalable in very small increments. When worn with leathers tucked in, it's actually the inner boot that ends up being the size limiting factor in my case. There is plenty outer buckle length to spare, but when I first tried zipping the inner boots while standing, the zippers wouldn't go up past the start of the overlapping velcro closure. Sitting with the boot resting on the other knee I was able to gently wrestle the zipper fully closed, but I hope that doesn't mean it will end up being a stress point more likely to break in the future.

    The Sidi ST is only available starting with size 39 and up in the U.S., so I had to order mine from an international vendor. Details about that transaction can be found in this thread:

    These boots come with both the product tag and related booklet with the CE markings indicating they conform to the requirements of EN13634:2002 (CE standards specific to boots). I'll post an update to this thread after I've ridden in them, but so far I'm very happy with these boots.
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