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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am a relatively new rider having taken the MSF class and bought my first bike in November last year. My first bike was 1976 Honda CB550 with 4 pipes. The bike was fun, but soon enough I wanted something more powerful, so I sold it after 4 months. It was good to have started with an old bike as I learned on it how bikes work and how to do basic maintenance - spark plugs, chain, oil. I also had to pretty much rewire most of the bike, replace the battery and the rectifier. Needless to say, when I was shopping for a new bike, I was looking for something more reliable.

    Being new to sportbikes, I decided to get an FZ6R. I was lucky to find one with only 1600 miles for a decent price.

    This summer I've already put about 10k miles on the bike, but probably 60-70% of it is commuting. I've explored most popular bike roads in the area riding by myself, and now I'm looking for some company.

    Uhm, I guess I should say something about myself as well:
    I'm 23, live in Seattle, go to UW + work. I like bikes, photography, hiking, BBQ'ing.

    I will be posting in Westside WA forum a new thread inviting people for a ride some time soon.

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  2. Welcome.
    If you're ever near Bellingham, lemme know.
  3. PeteN95

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    Muk, WA
    Welcome, cool pic!
  4. Apex

    Lacey, WA
    Woof and Welcome! You wanna do a vintage looking pic like that of my bike??? I am looking for something to frame and put in my son's room

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