Simoncelli dies from injuries suffered in Malaysian GP crash

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Tromatic, Oct 23, 2011.

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  2. Bouncer


    You can see his lid pop off and his face scraping on the pavement!

  3. So young, so full of life, and fearless talent.
    RIP Marco
  4. While watching the race this morning I was horrified - thinking (for a few seconds) that his head was still in his helmet...either way it was terrible.
  5. Horrible tragedy... Rest in Peace
  6. What brand was his helmet, anyone know?

  7. No helmet will protect you from being hit by a bike at 140mph.

    RIP Marco, a great rider and from what I could tell from interviews a great human being. Sad not to see him and in the pits again.
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    He was an awesome rider and a good guy. RIP Marco. You will be missed.
  9. UM.... his helmet probably cost more than your bike. And yea, no helmet is going to save your head if it gets run over at that speed.
  10. u mad? it's just a simple question.
  11. very sad, RIP, so young
  12. RIP saw his crash live was hoping he would make it. Damm good rider.
  13. SoundEfx

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    It's always a bad day when someone dies, but at least he did it doing the thing he loves.

    My condolences to his family.
  14. Very sad, but I can't help but wonder if because of the amount of hair he has if he had to wear a larger/oversized helmet and if that contributed to his helmet coming off. Although with the kind of impact that happened who knows if it contributed to his death. RIP Marco.
  15. It was an AGV helmet.
  16. I think I heard spies state it was around a 70mph corner which is still plenty fast for a head impact. And not that it would have helped the impact but I wonder if all that hair keeps his helmet from fitting around his skull properly and lead to it being able to pop off easier? Rip sic
  17. xpertss

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    Man he was young and much to look forward to!

    R.I.P Marco
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