Slightly incapacitated CM400 - $200

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  1. Sold!

    I have a 1980 CM400 that's been sitting in my living room for a year or so, and it's moving time.

    It was running good a year ago, then got a flat tire, then a dead battery at some point, and I'm pretty sure it needs a good carb cleaning by now.

    Details: The guy who owned it before me did a bit of custom work, including taller rear shocks, (I think he said they were from a CB750), a shortened and recovered seat, and a smaller rear sprocket by 2 teeth so it ran at highway speeds more comfortably. I think he also said he rejetted the carbs for a little more power, but I don't remember anything about what size.

    So, I rode it for 2 years and put about 4000 miles on it myself, until it reached the state it's in now.

    Clear title, 17k miles on the clock, and I need to be moved out by thursday night.

    $200 or best offer by Thursday.

    (206) 271-4502

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  2. excellent.. my buddy narith is coming to look at it!
  3. shelbyguy

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    what a sweet ride.
  4. Passed on to another possible contender.
  5. my buddy picked it up..

  6. I've got a spare roller hanging out in front of my house no title that i want gone if he wants a parts bike.....

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