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Sneaky Cops

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by CAMELTOES_2, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. well all know that they try to be up the undercover vehicles you have seen or if you have pics thats good too.

    maroon chev suburban. dark tinted rims, black tint standered MO

    lets help eachother help ourselfs by stayin two steps ahead.
  2. RedVFR

    RedVFR Fast, Easy, and Old Fashioned

    Gold '99-ish Dodge Dakota 4x4 extended cab Spokane County Sherrif, lights in the grill and rear window. I saw it on the Maple st. bridge on the way to work Monday morning with a marked sherrif's car right behind it. I have no idea where they were heading but I think they went into the Downtown or Browne's Addition area.

  3. I've seen the Dokata last winter, suprised the shit out of me that they would use that vehicle. Ya lets try to stay away from the po po this year right TJ?
  4. Yea TJ.. if you stopped doing the high speed spins, you would probably be alright.. need to look into some better rubber for your bike bro.. everytime you laid on the throttle this weekend, your rear was stepping out on ya.. hahahaaaa
  5. in TC theres a tan 4 door F150 sheriff real hard to spot, just look for the spotlight on the driver side window. Also some black impala's and charger but those are easier to spot.
  6. holy crap, over here you could go for days on this:

    silver chevy malibu, 07?, normal plates, dark tint
    dk blue chevy impala, new bodystyle, standard wheels/tires, tinted windows, lights in the rear window
    dk maroon chevy impala, new bodystyle, standard wheels/tires, tinted windows, lights in the rear window
    lt brown/champagne chevy suburban, black wheels, tinted windows, lights in the rear window and in front grille
    dk blue chevy suburban, black wheels, tinted windows, lights in the rear window and in front grille
    white ford expedition, tinted windows, normal wheels, lights in the rear window and in front grille
    late model honda GOLDWING, dk green, sheriffs bike. mean! :angry7:
    dk silver dodge charger, obvious cage inside tho, but no markings/standard plates.

    think thats all ive seen thus far :scratchea
    used to commute 50 miles one way from edmonds to federal way so I got to spend a lot of time checkin out the po. luckily never up close!! :devil:

    oh yea and of course the two BMW WSP bikes, seen all over I-5, ALWAYS on the shoulder, ALWAYS writing tickets. :rant
  7. Walking East Sprague, fur coat, see through shirt, looking good, but it's a dude. Cop dude at that.

    Also I was trying to buy crack the other day, bad ass biker looking dude also on East Sprague also a cop.
  8. This morning heading to work on monroe was a white ford windstar (I think) minivan getting someone, looks like a soccer mom vehicle!!!!!!
  9. RedVFR

    RedVFR Fast, Easy, and Old Fashioned

    Oh yeah, '03-ish, short wheel base, white, Dodge Caravan. No exterior clues but really dark tint. I saw it making a traffic stop.
  10. Gamuru

    Gamuru Big Brother

    Food for thought...

  11. heres a good one.


    this is a real cop car.
  12. that wrx is beautiful... im glad to see my tax dollars finally bought a nice car...

    anyways tony and I saw a

    tan impala wsp car with regular civilian plates with no antennas just leds in back window with that sweet blue uniform they all wear...

  13. Have you seen the new aggressive driving force in seattle? they are seven 2007 dodge chargers in dark blue with lights everywhere. they want you to see them. and they are cocky as all hell about catching bikes. they stay in the main spots like west seattle bridge, i90, 530 bridges,

    sorry for bad pics. but it was a camera phone and its all i had at work. these were taken on airport way in seattle wa
  14. Sweet 07 Black Dodge Charger dark tint 18in wheeles, If your following from behind and he's speeding be careful cause he sees you ,He likes it when pepole pull up to him and want to race, nice guy though :angry7:

    And thats a nice Legacey not a WRX
  15. I used to be real cocky when I drove my Trans Am cause I "knew I was faster than the cops". Then I got pulled over by two Z28's
  16. There was a new black Ford Explorer with dark tint tagging people on I-90 Westbound at the base of the hill before the airport/Airway Heights exit this morning.
  17. livestar

    livestar Forum Flaming Firecrotch

    those look like the elusive bigfoot photos.
  18. this after noon i seen a 99ish dodge durango gold in color dirty and tabs and rims..tinted windows but a light tint...still had flashing lights
  19. and i just seen a new f150 4x4 truck with a canopy. grey in color..hidden lights and such
  20. for those of us in the Portland area I saw what looked to be an 04 body style Mustang never would've guessed it was a copper till I saw that fucker light up like a xmas tree pulling someone over! Posted up here about it w/ a pic of a similar vehicle/color
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