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softer seats

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by fastfoodfred, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. So, after realizing how damn uncomfortable my SXV is, I decided to look up shops in town that may fix seats. I wasnt about to fork over $3-400 for a Corbin, Renazco, or other knock off, so I found a place in Spokane that will do both my yz250f and SXV for less than that. New foam, adding some gel material, and recovering them both in gripper material. wahoooooo!

    The place is called Mild to Wild and is located in the Spokane Valley. Super nice guy, his wife, and brother own the place. They seem to have plenty of experience with motorcycle seats from dirt to Harley's and even tons of snowmobiles. Just met them today. In a week or so, I should be able to say how much better the two seats are.
  2. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Someplace worthwhile here in town?

    Must be a mistake...


    For sure, keep us posted!


  3. interesting *strokes beard*
  4. I'll be interested to see how much the comfort level of the SXV changes. Mine is currently about as comfy as a 2x4. I've been thinking about having it re-done also. And what is the deal with the slippery stock seat material?
  5. I'm actually surprised you guys aren't using bicycling shorts... 80 is better than spending 2-3 for a seat IMHO...

    +1 on the slippery 'shimmering' seats.. I LOL everytime i SEE ONE
  6. I hope its a bearded clam you are stroking

    Im getting it redone with a nontextured gripper cover. Stock was pretty crappy. Basically, it's getting a little taller and also wider at the top, flat part where my cheek bones seem to carry all my weight, wearing me out after a hundred miles or so.

    bike shorts don't work very well. the gel is too narrow. they are more for preserving our right to get a boner than real comfort on the buttocks.

    I was kind of surprised to find someone in town. I wish business' would fucking advertise their services. Word of mouth is fine for a group of friends, but they fall apart once everyone fucks the one guys hot wife.
  7. Gaining 20+ lbs worked well for me, not so sure it was more cost effective though:stir:
  8. I would rather spend more for convenience of not having to wear spandex... You can do more to a seat than your gonna get out of shorts also...
  9. Before:





    ^^^^I like it a lot. I had them put a slight step in it to help keep my butt where it should be.

    Ahhhhh, memory foam and gel.
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  10. Love the SXV seat! Looks like you can ride it for more than just 1 moto now. What did It cost?
  11. $165 each for the SXV and for the YZF. I haven't ridden the Yamaha yet, but can't wait. I have sat on it in the garage and made braaaaaap noises, though.
  12. FFF I thought that you keeping all of your winter weight through out the summer was so you didn't have to spend money on a seat?
  13. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    For God's sake, Fred!
    We didn't need the gross, graphic details!


    Nice looking seats!

  14. Fred, did you leave the bikes there for the fit? And is there an address or number for the place? Thank you in advance.
  15. They just moved locations. They are now at 2921 N University Suite #5 between Trent and Montgomery. 509-850-3141. Manny did the seat on my VTX with a rework for fitment and a gel pad and made it much more comfortable than stock. Erik
  16. Nope. I only left the whole seat. I brought in a couple photos of what I've seen available and told him that I like to sit toward the front. He did the rest and I am very pleased with the results. I had no idea anyone on town even cared about rebuilding motorcycle seats.

    That is the right contact info. Thanks for posting it.
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