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Some non-motorcycle advice requested

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by KevinD, May 16, 2012.

  1. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    OK, all you crazy people with turbo-charged cars, talk to me about turbos.
    My daughter wants to upgrade her car, and she wants another Volvo sedan. There are lots of S40's & S60's available, several with AWD, but most of them have turbos.
    Personally, I look at a turbo as simply another source of failure.
    What are your experiences?
    Anyone with Volvo-specific experience (Av?)

  2. Pull the boot and check for excessive shaft play. Turbos will last a very long time as long as you aren't screwing with them. They increase efficiency and add a little pep to a smaller engine. I like them. No Volvo specific info here though :(

  3. Talk to Andrew he has experience with volvos. Even though he's a bit of a douche
  4. I had a V70 AWD. Great car! Comfortable. Everything worked. Zero engine problems.

    And they are AWESOME on slick roads! Makes it almost too easy!
  5. It's a Volvo....sell it ASAP. I've had nothing but issues with them.
  6. C~Style

    C~Style Retired

    I guess the question is what year volvo is she looking at? I had an 08 volvo s40. It was not the awd turbo model, but it was still pretty darn snappy. Not to mention the overall saftey of the vehicles. That is coming from a supercharged f150 lightning and an 05 mitsubishi evolution VIII (4l turbo).

    My experience with my turbo car was that if you leave it stock and don't mess with it they are super reliable. On newer cars you start running into issues when you begin modding and messing with boost levels.
  7. With AWD turbo'd cars you need to be cautious because too many people want to launch AWD cars from a dead stop so make sure you check the transmission
  8. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Thank you, gentlemen: keep it comin'!

    And Paul, I talked with Andrew this evening, as I had the same thought as you...

  9. That's because you are old.
    Properly maintained, the only different thing about a turbocharged engine as compared to a naturally aspirated engine is that it is better.
    As long as it's somewhat modern (less than ten years old preferred.)
  10. Regular oil changes, especially with high quality dino or preferrably synthetic oil. Also, let them idle for a minute or so before shutting them down. Allows the turbo some time to bleed off heat into the oil lengthening bearing life.

    If these practices have been and continue to be followed, a turbo engine will last just as long as any other engine.
  11. I would stay away from a Volvo in general.

    And yes, turbo's are just another point of failure. From a mathematical point of view, you will have a greater chance of failure. Regardless of how much better the designs have gotten, and how well it was taken care of, it is still just more stuff to break. Oh, and some of that "more stuff" is also spinning really fucking fast and gets really fucking hot.
    Last edited: May 16, 2012
  12. i had a audi a4 with the 1.8turbo in it. I will agree with the notion to keep the engine all stock in order to maintain the reliability of the car. Most buyers dont understand the extra steps one should take to keep reliability up and im sure dealers wont waste a breath to explain so they can see you back with problems later.

    A bit more time to warm up and a bit more time to cool down (at idle) can be annoying if you are an impatient person that doesnt care.

    may i ask what price range she is looking in? i would suggest maybe a Lexus is300 or is250 or 350 if she has the money. Other options would be an acura tsx, tl, cl. or you could go infinity g35 sedan or coupe,
  13. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Thanks, but she's settled on a European sedan. Her (recently) ex-beau had a BMW 530, so no BMW, and most decent Mercedes are out of her price range, and she really likes her current Volvo, so she's pretty set on another.

    I just don't understand where this kid gets her stubborn streak from...

  14. fair enough. well i am not that familier with volvos but i know audi makes their a4 in the 2.8 and 3.2 non turbo motors. displacement based on model year. any mercedes will be all motor as well but i personally dont like mercedes. stay away from jaguar as well. the volksvagon cc is a pretty nice car as well for not being fully classified as "luxury"

    but if she really wants to stand out from the rest then look no farther than the Fiat 500 8)
  15. A slow turbo car still feels fast. How about an old Talon tsi or one of the identical Mitsubishi or dodge models?
    Should be available fairly cheap by now.
    None of them feel slow by the way and all are available in AWD.
  16. Volvo thinks their parts are made of gold. My mom had a mid-90s Volvo 850 (non-turbo) and it was a super nice car , drove well and the interior was amazing, very comfortable. All that is very nice until something broke. Holy shit Volvo parts are expensive. I ended up buying another wrecked 850 in order to fix my mom's car because finding affordable parts was impossible. I guess finding a well maintained Volvo is key as all failures I experienced were maintenance related. Cheap motor oil is a big no-no in their engines.
  17. My sister LOVES Volvos because she crashes, a LOT. She's 48 and has NEVER sold a car, she's totalled every one of her former cars, and is most impressed with how well a Volvo crashes, haha. She's on her third Volvo, after totally WADDING the first 2. My Wife drives an S60 which has been a pretty good car though as has been brought up the maintenance is VERY expensive. They use a different type of oil filter so even oil changes are about twice as much as any other car. Finding a Volvo specific mechanic that will give you a good rate is a big PLUS. I work with a guy that was a Volvo mechanic for 15 years that does all my work now. My sister dates her Volvo mechanic.

    About the turbo on the Volvo, as it was explained to me, it's a very low pressure unit, and is meant more to make up for losses due to atmospheric losses (mountain driving, etc) and increase efficiency than it is to give a lot of HP.

    One of the things I like the best about my wife's Volvo (non-turbo) is the mileage. We regularly get 38 MPG going to Pendleton and back (around 600 miles) and can ALMOST make it the whole way on one tank of gas, the wife always chickens out at the 560 (Albany) or 585 (Coburg) mile mark.
    Last edited: May 17, 2012
  18. I have a 2011 Volvo XC70 t6

    I freaking LOVE that thing. It's a wagon, but it's a turbo, which cranks it up to about 300 hp. I've had it up to 120 and there was plenty more in her. All I've done as far as modifications is to put a K&N air filter in it.

    No problems so far at all but I am pretty anal about maintenence so I am not expecting any either.

    So far, I would highly recommend it. Very comfy, and lots of room for goodies as well. :thumblef:
  19. I put 130K miles on a 94 850 Turbo Wagon (with the HIGH pressure unit) - Fastest CAR I have ever owned AND the most comfortable...
    Lots of Oil changes with Synth - never burned a drop of oil - the engine seemed bullet-proof...
    Turbo technology has come along way since the original SAAB Turbo in the 70s and I would think the low-pressure units on alot of the newer Volvos would be Nothing to even think about....
    My $.02
  20. My wife drives a 2001 V40 with 200,000 miles. the only problem we have had was the power steering went out and it is not rebuildable... so we have been driving it with out power steering for about a year. The Pump is $700.

    Other then that, i hate to admit (since it is Swedish, and I am Norwegian) it has been a good car other then the poor fuel mileage (about 29 MPG at 75 MPH) and terrible A/C.

    In the snow (or even in the rain some times) the traction control needs to turned off or it will not move.

    I still miss our last car, 1985 Chevy Nova. 55 MPG at WOT. @ 300,000 miles my wife was rear ended hitting 4 other vehicles. She was one of 2 that drove away but the one of the rear tires was pushed about 10cm forward and fuel mileage dropped to about 30mpg. Insurance gave us $2,500 for it, not bad since I paid $250 and put 100,000 miles on it.

    Just don;t buy a mechanics car, especially a motorcycle mechanics car... I keep them until there is a reason not to.
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