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Some people just aren't satisifed with what they have

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by mrwizard10, Aug 9, 2012.


    DIY GSXR1400f – When a 750 is Not Enough

    Martin Labonte had an ’89 GSXR750. Nice enough bike, but, to Martin, as with many of us, there’s no replacement for displacement and an 1100 swap is a somewhat popular engine for the smaller Gixxer. He found one, but it didn’t work out, a “bad deal” he tells me, so he kept looking. The GSX1400 never made it here to the States, but it has quite a following across the pond, and Martin kept thinking the big inline four would be perfect for his soon to be former 750, besides, he didn’t see any 750 to 1400 swaps riding around and being unique was a plus, so the project began.
    GSXR1400f by Martin Labonte

    He immediately found the 1400 oilpan was too wide for the framerails so he had to modify the frame, which meant he needed an aluminum welding certification so the bike could pass the German TÜV. He took a welding course to increase his skills and he was ready to get to work. He welded up an aluminum seat, an airbox that looks just like the original, oil cooler covers and a 60mm triple clamp.
    GSXR1400f by Martin Labonte

    In the back, he installed a single sided swingarm from a VFR750 plus a Triumph drive and 6×17 inch Triumph wheel. With a new header and DynoJet Power Commander, the big four puts out 125 horsepower and 92 foot pounds of torque.

    The swap looks clean and well done and Martin shouldn’t have to worry about seeing another one like it. The extra grunt should make for an interesting riding experience, too. Another great example of, “if they don’t sell what you want, head for the shop.” Very nice work, Martin
  2. That is a pretty cool project.

  3. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    It's a very nice looking streetfighter, but a healthy 750 can easily put out 125hp while weighing much less and having much less rotating inertia!?
  4. psh....

    put a Valkyrie engine in it and shutup.
  5. Size is everything? :scratchea

    Looks pretty sick, that's for sure. Wonder what it sounds like.
  6. Agreed. As for guess is a fucking banshee. Beautiful fighter, euro fighters are so much better then a lot of the shit I see state side. Been doing it longer I guess......:roll:
  7. You know of many 750s puttin down 92 ft/lbs? That's a fine lookin mo-chine there
  8. QFT

    While in Japan, I was able to ride a friends GSX1400. That bike was silky smooth and pulled like a freight train. It was also about as heavy as a freight train...:shock:
  9. Nice build but 125 HP seems so low for a 1400.
    Hell my mod snowmobile is pushing 300 HP Yamaha 1000. displacement is olny part of the game.
  10. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    I like projects that dont make sense to normal folks.
    Especially ones involving more displacement/hp/torque in small packages.