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  1. Hate to sell all my pathetic Guy stuff, but daddy needs some new tires. :angry7:

    Couple of Katanas One is a dark red-ish color Masahiro.
    The other is black and i think is also a Masahiro , but cant remember.
    $60 each or $100 as a pair.




    This is the Official Kingdom Of Heaven sword of Ibelin. (Not a cheapo) Forged of high grade spring steel by windlass steelcrafts. The scabbard is the same as the film as well very well made in wood and leather, has the double big and small belting system. also has wall mount, and is RAZOR sharp. $260

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    would these work on zombies?
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  3. Yes, yes they would indeed. So would the claymore i have for sale(not shown)
  4. will these swords protect my virginity at all?
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    damn it that what I was gonna say nice swords Macleod
    oh well there can be only one
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  6. I forgot to add an OBO to the first post, tho these are already going for way less than i paid for them.
  7. The Kingdom of Heaven Sword.
    What condition is it in? Do you mind taking some pictures with more light?
    Where did you purchase it from?

    I will just make a starting offer of $200, and see where it goes.

    Thank you
  8. PM sent
  9. Could i hunt deer with the katana?
  10. It would at least make a good youtube video when you get gored by the deer. nopity:
  11. If these have ever been used to kill something, I would give you a set of tires and you keep them. I'm not talking about a fly or frog. I mean something over a hundred lbs.
  12. I wish I had a good reason to add some more swords to my collection.....

    I'm tempted by the Sword of Ibelin.
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    Would ex's weighing under that count? :devil:

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