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Something I was thinking about the 800cc era

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Alpine 318is, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Today I was thinking about the 800cc era in MotoGP. It seems like they set out to make it closer racing. I think they did a pretty good job. I mean lets think about the last 5 years

    2007: Casey Stoner : Ducati
    2008: Valentino Rossi : Yamaha
    2009: Valentino Rossi : Yamaha
    2010: Jorgo Lorenzo : Yamaha
    2011: Casey Stoner : Honda

    3 different winning riders and 3 different winning manufactures, I would say thats pretty good racing. Overall I think the 800cc era was great racing, but I am looking forward to the big 1000cc bikes

    What do you guys think

    RIP Super Sic 58
  2. I thought the change to 800 cc was for safety reasons.

  3. Oh.....crackup: well regardless it seems seems like it was close racing
  4. I'm just glad Yamaha won most of them.
  5. Put them all on bone stock Ninja 250's, the best rider will pop up quickly :evil4:
  6. Yamaha simply adapted to all of the continual changes better than the rest over the period. How about less changes in the 1000cc era.
  7. I think two guys won twice and one guy got lucky once.
    That's what I think.

    That should stir up some shit...
  8. The move to 800cc was to reduce speeds (per, but they are now allowing 1000cc bikes in 2012 with a few more restrictions than the previous 990cc era. Also, I imagine there will be more cost-reducing restrictions. 800cc bikes will be allowed in MotoGP, and I hope this broadens the field. 14-16 bikes doesn't make for a real exciting race, usually. That's one reason I like Moto2, because it has a huge field and there's always a few battles to watch.
  9. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Nah just the best 250 rider and the midget Danny....,

    Be better drafting racing though. Just like the old 250 racing. The Americans would never win. Too big.

    I hoping the 1000's will bring closer racing more often.

    Too bad for Honda. Looks like they finally got their 800 act together and poof! No more advantage!!
    Be interesting to see if BMW and Suzuki will have competitive machines.
    Problem is, there are too few 'Aliens'.
    Every maker could have a fast bike but there is only a few riders that can ride them on the edge.
  10. We must have been watching different races because the majority of the races I watched were pretty much over by the 3rd lap, the leader was gone and the close racing was for 4th, 5th, or 6th.

    The 800cc, combined with the fuel restrictions, gave the small riders a huge advantage. In 5 years, and 89 races, Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa, and Lorenzo won 85 times, and except for Rossi, those riders are small and lightweight. The 1000cc is going to level the playing field and I think you are going to see the bigger riders, especially Hayden and Spies, much more competitive. Super Sic, the largest rider in MotoGP, would have been awesome on a 1000cc.
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  11. Or........ You could just watch Moto2, where you don't get to enjoy rooting for your favorite manufacturer. The racing is very close though.

  12. There aren't really manufacturers in Moto2. All engines are Honda.
  13. FireDave

    FireDave Banned Camp

    I think GP has gone the way of F1.

    Your stats indicate some parity, but the races themselves have become too technical, too expensive, thus teams are racing "not to lose."

    Guys like Sic, occasionally Rossi, Pedrosa and Jorge, who race aggressively, often find themselves on the ground and injured.

    Stoner is bloody fast and amazing to watch, but he's a man among boys, speed-wise, and his wins are only exciting if you're a Stoner or Honda fan. Or if you're into watching guys slice and dice for 7th, 8th and 9th.

    Perhaps the return of the 990s, with their added grunt and more beastly characteristics, will add some more excitement, more of Nicky backing it in as in '06, more teams such as Kawi or Team Roberts or Czysz. A guy can dream, right?
  14. The racing in Moto2 is great becuase the battle goes down to the wire just about everytime, like what McRider said above where most races decided in the first 3 laps (if not turn 1) gets boring quick even with the big rider names.
  15. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    I know it's kinda semantics here, but the 990s aren't returning.
    The new engines are 1000s, but are limited by bore size. They also have fuel restrictions like the 800s do, so horsepower will be limited.
    In effect, the characteristics will be much closer to the 800s than to the old 990s. Still the same traction control, same electronics, same basic bikes just with an extra 200cc.
  16. NoQuarter#121

    NoQuarter#121 WMRRA #2 Overall Points Champion

    The open rumor is that Honda pushed for the 800cc rule.
    Ducati was the most against it.
    Then they came out with the best bike...

    Ironic, when you think about it, Ducati did pretty decent with the 990, but not really earth shattering, Honda dominated the 990 era and pretty much sucked at the 800cc era not counting this years dominance.
  17. NoQuarter#121

    NoQuarter#121 WMRRA #2 Overall Points Champion

    I hope to see more bottom end less high strung motors.

    we will see next year.

    the 800s were def NOT my favorite era of GP racing.

    electronics have taken over alot of the finesse.

    I miss the old, low to no electronic 500's and 990's.
    Those were mens bikes!
  18. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    You seen clips of the 2012 testing?
    The bikes are indistinguishable both in looks and in on-track riding style from the 800s. I don't think there will be any noticeable difference to the viewer next year.

    Now the CRT teams - They might have a battle of their own in the back half of the field, and that could get interesting.
  19. Electronics have come too far since the first 990's. I expect the same racing, just slightly different lines. If they knocked back the electronics a ton, then you might see the wild tail out antics that many are craving, otherwise its just going to be more of the same.
  20. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Hoping for the best, especially for Edwards, but they may end up as super slow backmarkers?
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