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Soon to be an Idaho Newb!

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by CBRChick13, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Hi all!

    My fiance and I will be making Idaho Falls our new home soon. He is already up there in an apartment and I am back in Denver until our house sells. We both will be out there just as riding season is really kicking off.

    I wanted to introduce myself and find out if there are any motorcycle hangouts in Idaho Falls where we can meet fellow riders. We won't know anyone out there, so it would be nice to at least know people who ride :icon_cooll:

    We both ride CBR 1000s and met at a local bike night about nine years ago. I look forward to trying out some new twisties!

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  2. I'm 25 miles south of I.F. There are some really great rides in Idaho. I'm not sure about bike hangouts though. I'll be posting up when I plan some local rides and you're more than welcome. I love CBR's BTW. I ride a 954. I'm sure I will be doing the Alpine, Jackson loop pretty soon. It's a great day ride. I'll give ya a holler.
  3. That sounds great - thank you!

    My fiance has done the drive from IF to Jackson a couple of times now to visit one of his stores out there and he says the drive is beautiful! I can't wait!
  4. Welcome to the 'hood.

    While there is no great riding in Idaho Falls, it is close to many good rides. Like Ti said the ride to Jackson and back is good, some times great. It depends on the raods and traffic. As is the run up to Ashton and Mesa Falls.

    Ti and I ride as much as we can. Let us know when you are in town and ready to ride.

  5. Who said you were invited??? :nana :nana :thefinge:
  6. Absolutely!!! I will definitely let you guys know when we have the bikes up there and ready to go!
  7. Even though you're out in IF, this booklet has 17 loops
    from/to Boise which would give you a good idea what's
    out here:

    You could do the Lolo Pass Loop by taking 28 to Salmon,
    US-93 to Lolo, US-12 to Kooskia, SH-13 to Grangeville,
    US-95 to New Meadows, SH-55 to Banks then cut east
    to Lowman, SH-21 to Stanley, SH-75 to Challis, US-93
    and SH-20 back to IF. 875 mile loop.
  8. Hey, hey, whoa! whoa, whoooaa. You guys don't even know if she's hot yet or not. sheeeesh. She rides a Honda so she probably isn't that hot, just kind of average. You know, with a 'Great personality'.
  9. I will beat TI 954 to the punch

    At least she doesn't ride a Harley
  10. I actually DO have a great personality :mrgreen: :thebirdm: I just can only hope that makes up for my shortfallings in the looks department - why do you think it's only my bike in my avatar :mrgreen:

    Great! Thank you for the route info! Looks like some really great rides
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  11. At least you have good taste in bikes. :thumbup:
  12. Oh and the route that Grumbler posted FUCKING ROCKS!!! Better plan on at least two days for that one.
  13. When I first relocated to Boise, didn't really know the roads
    around here until I stopped at the nearest dealer, and got
    the Boise Rides! booklet.

    BTW, the Lolo Pass Loop has some boring drones mixed-in
    with the twisties. Haven't been on 28 btw IF and Salmon,
    but US-93 btw Darby and Lolo isn't too exciting. I took
    US-93 from Challis to Grand View Canyon then back. It
    was a boring stretch.

    I've no experience with this loop ... IF to Henrys Lake to
    Ennis to Twin Bridges to Dillion. Virginia City btw Ennis and
    Twin Bridges is supposed to be a cool town. Can go from
    Dillion to Wisdom then Lost Trail Pass and take US-93
    north or south.

    Friends of mine did the Stanley Loop as a day ride out of
    Blackfoot. They followed 93 to Challis then 75 to just past
    Stanley with side trip to Redfish Lake. They doubled back
    to 75, and stopped in Ketchum on way to the 75/20 jct
    where they cut east to IF.

  14. That is an awesome ride as well. You can do it in a day, but it's a long ass day! I did it last summer and loved every corner!
  15. I will definitely have to revisit this thread once I am out there and have brought the bikes with!

    I'm no stranger to long rides (not just on the motorcycle :mrgreen:)... most of our rides out here are between 8 and 12 hours... plus the annual ride to vegas we've done 6 years in a row.
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  16. Another Idaho newb here looking for people to ride with. I'll be moving to Rexburg June 1st and I don't know anyone out there. I heard the local moto dealership has group rides on thursday nights. Anyone been to them? And sorry folks, I ride a yamaha.. Can I still play? My g/f rides a kawi so I can just leave her at home. :nana

  17. FTFY :nana
  18. hood ??? Idaho??

    hay hay i got one fo ya if i da pimp who r u u da ho
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