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South County Bike Night @ Ken's in Canyonville

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by gfeero, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    Just for fun, Staci and I would like to invite everyone down to Ken's Sidewalk Cafe in Canyonville next Tues. night @ 6pm. Plenty of seating and if there aren't any cars in the way, there is parking on the street right in front. The cool thing is that you can ride out toward Days Creek, go the back ways from Riddle, whatever. Ride before, ride after, whatever. Also, they have the best taco salads IMHO.

    This is just a once or twice this summer thing in addition to the usual Thurs. night Bike Night. I just thought it might be a tad easier for Jim, Ben, and a few others to make it. Oh, yeah, Staci and I too. It's right across the street from Canyonville Elementary, across and down from Canyonville Academy.

    Oh, and there are rumors of baby ninja sightings in that area.
  2. Great milk shakes & the burgers are not bad either.. However, I'm riding up to Astoria Sunday & returning Tuesday so not sure I'll be able to make it.. Great idea though!!

  3. great idea! Ill have to stop there next time i ride to Cayonville
  4. Can't at that time, Amanda has Zumba and I get to spend some very special time with the girls....

    EDIT: SHIT, your charger lol.... stop by the house on your way back...
  5. Those that can't this month, be looking for another in July. The 12th is the second Tues. of the month, that might be our consistent plan for just the summer months. I know that Ken's would love to have us, even if just one bike shows up.8)

    So, Staci and I might take the baby Ninja down, aka the mad sewing machine, and hang a for sale sign on it. Right now, we have a buy two for the price of one offer.:devil:
  6. Oh Crap! July 12 I'll be coming home from a trip to central Cal... Does it have to be on Tuesday?? How about next Wednesday? I'm up for a monthly meet at Ken's but you went & picked two of the few days that will be tough for me to make it... Although I will make it if I can.
  7. I grew up in C-ville and graduated from CBA(CCA now). I'm always looking for excuses to go back down there. Ken's burgers are awesome.
  8. yeah sure you go and add another 30 miles or so to my already 70 mile round trip Ill try to make it at least once but if your gonna do it for them what about us north folks :thefinge:
  9. If I join Weight Watchers, then Weds. are out for me. Therefore, since I'm organizing this... Plus, I really was trying to avoid doing it too close to the original one.

    So, come on down for the Thurs. night ones, and Staci and I will use the Tues. night one for an excuse to have Taco Salads when my hubby is away!
  10. There's going to be an ABATE bike night at the Mexican place in Drain this Friday at 6pm. You should go to that one, it's close and there will be raffle drawings.
  11. Yep, you have an excuse. :stir: Especially since you missed out on the yard sale. Russ, Jeanine and Michael showed up. Nice seeing all three of you. :roll:
  12. OK Gwen you have to learn to spell my name right, it's Geneen, I thought someone else showed up with my hubby until I read it a second time ROFLMAO
  13. Sorry, never even thought to ask. My husband and I had some friends in Bend who were Michael and Jeanine, so there is the reason for the mistake. That and I'd never seen it spelled that way.

    Anyway, glad you guys came out. Hope you were able to try some of the cookies.
  14. I'll be gone July 8th through the 23rd for annual training....
  15. Well rats. Staci and I will just have our salads and milkshakes alone then. The little ninja is making 70 two up now. Lot's of fun. Pretty impressive with the two of us actually. I tried to video running down I-5 briefly the other day. It didn't record, but we actually past a truck!
  16. Probably, but maybe not.. depends on where I am at 6pm. I'll try to make it but I don't have much luck with ETAs on my road trips what with the many unscheduled stops & detours.
  17. What am i? Chopped liver?
  18. Weeeeeelllll, I'll believe it when I see it.:nana
  19. ha ha No, seriously, do they serve chopped liver?
  20. Probably not, but I can make liver and onions that are actually edible.
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