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South County Bike Nite July 10

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by rickc, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Are we gonna do this? Where: Ken's Sidewalk Cafe, Main Street, Canyonville When: Tues. July 10, 6pm. Group ride, meet at Ray's Food Place in Green Dist. at 5pm, KSU at 515pm.
  2. I'm down but remind me... lol

  3. I'll PM you Mon. nite.
  4. Its gonna be a hot one. See everybody this afternoon.
  5. Had a good turnout tonite. Jim, Mike, Erik, Gwen and Stace, good to see everyone. Hang in there Gwen, everything happens for a reason. Mike, maybe next time we can meet up an hour early and show you some of the good roads around here. See y'all Thursday nite at Sonic.
  6. I'm off tuesdays, so much earlier if you want.
  7. Sorry for not going with you all, once we hit Clarks Branch Rd. something didn't feel right in the first corner, and then the second corner... I decided to slow up and let the other guy pass me... when I got home I checked out my tire pressure and then checked my chain tension and found my axle nut was loose :scared Not alot but probably enough to take the rear out of alignment whilst cornering... Torqued back up and will be checking regularly from now on... i now miss castle nuts and cotter pins!!
  8. Glad you noticed when things felt off, instead of when you felt the pavement, grass, bush, tree, on coming log truck...
  9. Are you going to be doing this every week through summer now?
  10. I'll hit you up as we get closer to the 2nd Tues. You'll like Cow Creek, tight and twisty, not a lot of long straight stuff where some people might go too fast.
  11. :scared
  12. South County Bike Nite is every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Do we need to do one at DQ in Myrtle Creek to get you to come to it?
  13. No, I'll try to make it. Our summers are so short!
  14. 14 august 2012? This next Tuseday?
  15. Nobody's called it, but I think it's time for Johnny's in Winston. Last month it was Ken's in Canyonville.

    So, now it's been officially called, be there or be square! Hmmm, wonder if we might be able to get a certain yellow bike riding moderator to come out of hibernation? Either that, or he no longer exists. Did he go home to his home world without telling us?

    Everyone try to bring a friend. Remember, 6 pm @ Johnny's in Winston.
  16. So, now after I called it, looks like I can't be there. The kid has an audition to attend. So, someone with a camera, get pics please? We blew it last Thurs at the regular BN.
  17. I just might be able to make this one. Unless something happens between now and then, see ya' there.
  18. I'm gunna try to make it. I hope I get off work early, but things have been going to smoothly, so I know F-day is coming soon.
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