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Speaking of crappy horns on motorcycles..

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by reppinthe509, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. But DON'T . . . 'loud-pipes-save-lives' ?!? :scratchea

    I have one of those Stebel 139 dB air horns,
    but THIS one seems . . . L-O-U-D-E-R !!! :scared


  2. I have one ready to install on the bike, Stebels are priceless!!!
  3. I added an air horn and it is great for people who try and cut you off. You must also tell them they are #1. :thefinge:
  4. I have a stieble ...but it sounds like im going to upgrade to that just to fuck with you all :)
    and ordering info, price?
  6. Yeah, I need to upgrade the CBR. Sad to say right now my bicycle has a louder horn (115 dB) than the CBR. (Airzound rules!)
  7. Bad boy horns are attention getters as well
  8. At first it seems cool, until you realize you're much better at steering and braking when you're not fumbling for the horn.
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  9. Just wire it to your rear brake switch. Use only in case of emergency
  10. hella supertones way better
  11. Oh your on to something there +1
  12. LOL onto a thread jacking debate maybe.
  13. You could put this on the back of your jacket...

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