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Speeding ticket on Hwy 20. Help!

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Martyn, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Got a speeding ticket on Hwy 20, and Rick Merrill, my go to guy, won't take care of a ticket in Okanagen County. Probably because I already put his kids through college!

    Anybody know of a traffic ticket attorney that can help me? Thanks, Martyn
  2. I used Aaron Luckoff, he went to wherever in Okanogan County for a ticket for me. At least I had the "group rate" for that day in court. Someone out there knows what I mean. Positive result, but a little pricey as you'd expect for the travel time.

  3. I have Luckoff on something as well. Make sure to tell him you are from the Forum. I got a price reduction of like $50. Think it was 275 or something. Results are still pending.
    Good luck.

    What speed was the ticket written for?
  4. Thanks for the contact. I was going 80 but he wrote me up for 5 over, 65 in a 60.
  5. What milepost and what were you riding?
  6. ^ This

    Was it Marblemount? Newhalem? or up in the passes? Makes a big diff since the first 2 are known hideouts whereas up in the passes could be a new spot.

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    Aaron Lukoff will do it, but it's not cheap.

    His travel costs are obscene, but they're worth it. He's fighting a ticket for me in Chelan County, and it's costing me $650. :shock:
  8. If you think thats spendy try getting a wreckless he said he charges $4,000:scared He dose kick ass on the speeding tickets though
  9. Aaron Luckoff, is he in Bellingham? I need his correct phone number. Thanks to everyone.
  10. Lukoff won't let you down, he's fought an okanagan ticket for me; expect to pay around 600 for it to have never happened. (360) 647-5251 you'll probably talk to his asst. Ryan. Tell him we sent you, he lives off of references. This forum has made him billions... well thousands anyway.
  11. Thanks Travis, and everyone else too. As to where I was, I was stopped at MP 168, going East to Winthrop. I was passing a car at the top of the flat spot and the Stater was at the bottom of the hill facing west. I was on my Ducati Hypermotard, and my brother was on my Triumph Sprint ST.

    I know the normal watch out spots, but honestly, I'm speeding from the time I leave my storage locker. When I get a ticket now, I just deserve it from all the times I didn't get a ticket. And when you own a Ducati, and a hopped up one on steroids, it's impossible to 'just putt it around.'

    Guilty as charged. Just don't want it on my driving record, because there will be another stop in my future. I am going to buy a radar detector, and see how that helps.
  12. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    Hopefully the prosecutor doesn't have access to the internet...

    I will say if you were legally passing a vehicle (ie) across a dashed/solid yellow, you can legally exceed the speed limit. I've never seen that defense work, but it should.

    Will a speeding ticket written for only 5 over impact your insurance rates?
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  14. And this also depends on your insurance company and how often they check your record. It costs them $10 to run a check, so I doubt the big companies are running them all that often, unless you have a history of claims, or are a younger driver/rider. Or if you change insurance companies a lot (they check when you come on board.)

    Insurance companies are about making money, but with about 4,000,000 licensed drivers in this state (according to some random, non-wiki website...), I doubt the insurance companies are interested in spending $40,000,000 just to run checks every year. Not sure the increased premiums they collect would offset that $40,000,000 expenditure.

    The wife got a Certificate of Appreciation from the WSP outside Morton last year, and our current insurance rates have not gone up because of it. But getting quotes from other companies is showing about $55/year hit for 2 years because of it (drops off after 3 years, 1 year already passed.) So $110 in increased rates, plus the ticket ($100) = about what we'd have paid a lawyer to fight it.

    But if you have a company like Pemco, they'll drop you like a hot rock....
  15. I have a very difficult time believing that you exceeded the posted speed limit. Completely out of character for you. I hope you win.
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