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Spies to Ducati GP next year??

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by CS23, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. I don't know who to believe anymore or what?!:tard: SO many rumors! Any Gp fans on here that have heard anything else? He is supposed to release a statement "later this week" it's late in the week now so hopefully soon
  2. Blah, I'd rather see him on a Gresini Honda than a Pramac satellite Duc. I guess this team is supposed to get near-factory level support, but still..

  3. Most of the recent rumors have him being courted by Gresini Honda. I was hoping he would go to the new Suzuki team (if it actually happens). I'd really like to see Suzuki and Kawi get back in the game (and BMW and Aprilia to enter soon).
  4. What?!?! Last I heard it BMW World Superbike. Sheesh, talk about silly season!
  5. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    WERA forums will have it the second it becomes official, wherever that may be.

    BMW and Gresini seem to be old news now, and the latest rumor is Ducati satellite team w/ a full factory supported bike.

    He hinted at making the official announcement this week.

    It kinda makes sense...
    Ben's not done in GP, despite his issues with the Yamaha team. He has unfinished business there, as he's never really shown his potential.
    Ducati probably recognizes that they need quite a bit of the GP12 redesigned from the ground up, and they need good riders to give good feedback.
    Ducati can also probably match or beat what Spies was making at Yamaha.
    If '13 is a flop on the Duc, Spies is first inline for the top seat at a new Suzuki GP team.
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  6. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    If the Audi $ and engineering input kicks in, the Duc ride could be a very good choice?!
  7. Hope your right, hate to see all his talent wasted riding a bike that can't compete. It has been hard to watch him this year, with blown engine, broken swing arm and a host of tire issues.
  8. That's what I've heard too, full factory support on a satellite team, similar to what Honda did with Simocelli last season. I'm thinking it'll probably be a one year contract and if they suck he'll move onto suzuki.. Time will tell, but I'm growing impatient haha
  9. It's just so hard to take this going from the most desirable factory seat in the paddock to the least!

    I can understand the unfinished business and the $$ to be made, but after enjoying watching his racing in AMA and WSBK, this is almost too much to stomach. :puke:
  10. Even if he were to be Nicky's team mate, even that Ducati is a solid B team. Spies would be doing himself no favors riding one of those unless Audi can make it a decent bike.

    Any new bike in the field will suck the first year unless they have engineers on payroll stolen from Yamaha or Honda. I would hope, if Ben went with a Suzuki, should they ever get back in the game, that it would be a multi year deal. That way, he could build the bike that he could ride, from the ground up.
  11. Maybe, but it seems no one can ride that bike> If Rossi can't make it work, whats Ben going to do. Hell he couldn't even ride # 2 in on the best team.
    I just have to wonder:scratchea
  12. Ben was PLAGUED with mechanical failures this year, you can't base his performance off of a bike that breaks if you look at it wrong
  13. So what happens if you look at the Ducati wrong? Ask the the guys who ride it.
    Even when The Yami ran for him he was not to good on a consistent basis
    I'm a Spies fan and want to see him on the podium, This does not seem like the path.
    Just sayin
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2012
  14. I completely agree that Ducati is a terrible choice for him. I was just saying that the Yamaha was a POS this year for him too. Hopefully Suzuki puts together a powerhouse of a bike for him too develop. He's got a lot of years left, and maybe he can build a legacy of championships
  15. I agree Yamaha was absolutely terrible for him this year, Ben came right out and said that Yamaha wasn't willing to change the bike for his riding style, so he's been forced all season to try and ride a bike that was built from the ground up for Jorge. Here's to hoping we see Spies on that podium for the next few years regardless of who he's with :eek:ccasion:
  16. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    If Audi does what is needed, it won't be "that bike"!?!? :secret:
  17. I thought Dovi was shifting over to the Duc team?
  18. It's official, Dovi and Spies to satellite Ducati
  19. Whoops, sorry,apparently it's Spies and Iannone on Ducks next year
  20. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    I still don't see an official announcement. Just the article regarding the Italian press "claiming" it's official.
    Until its published by RRW, it's not official.
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