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Spokane/CDA Craigslist Find Of The Day

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by ghostflamed, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. I subscribe to one of these threads on another forum and it is constantly a source of entertainment and (occasionally) a source for putting a bike in my garage, I was thinking it would fun to have a very local thread of the same type on this great site. Seen something neat, odd, funny, cool or that you really "want" but can't purchase right at the moment? Post it up here so the rest of us schmucks can check it out and maybe make an offer.

    Spokane/CDA only...OK, maybe Tri-Cities, Moses Lake and Lewiston too. :mrgreen: NO Westside stuff though! I know Seattle & Portland have some awesome stuff but if you live over here it is probably too far to run to go fetch a bike.

    OK...I'll start this off:

    A $5K R1200RT...


  2. It's hideous, and I love it. The skateboard subframe I may have to copy.

    As for #1, that looks to be a retired police bike. RT-P's routinely go for $4k ish on eBay in Cali. Hell of a deal if you want a great solo tourer.
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  3. That was at STEX. They'd had it for a while and wanted it off the floor. I was bumming around their shop last Wednesday checking out their new Ducati and a guy came in and bought it while I was there. So it's gone now!
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  4. Ya, I saw it down there too. Stex has a 675 down there right now with a full leo. Think its 6500...wouldn't mind having it.
  5. So...referring back to my first post and that BMW RT. Anyone know about the outfit selling it (and apparently a whole slew of other machines judging by the picture)?

    Travel on park and sell???

  6. Just went down there the other day. They dont really specialize in motorcycles but they come into them via repos and insurance claims I guess. They will be at the up-coming motorcycle show with all the bikes.

    The prices didn't seem that incredible, but maybe there is room to haggle?

    I noticed they had an old honda night hawk 750 for like $900 and a Buell Blast for around $2400
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  7. You mean this Nighthawk 650?


    I always hated that paint scheme for that machine. Makes it look like something Buck Rogers would ride. I noticed on CL that in most of the pictures of bikes these guys have there is a puddle (of something) underneath each machine. Make me wonder. Their stuff looks pretty junky and like you say...pricing isn't that great. Will they let you test ride? Could be a way to get some ride time in on different bikes if they are loose with the keys.
  8. They've had that one for a month or two now I think. They've also got an awesome MV Agusta that used to be on the floor. Had some electrical problems or something, 4 or 5 months on the boxes in the window, then I guess they put it upstairs when the Norton ES2 came in.
  9. KevinD

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  10. At least he doesn't say "ran when parked!" crackup:
  11. Flagged and removed already. :mfclap: This is another good use of a thread like this!

    C'mon though guys...there has to be more CL fiends like me out there. Post up what you found (and can't buy yourself!)
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