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spokane ride 9-30-2012?

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by upshift509, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. anyone looking to go for a ride around newman lake tomorrow anyone intrested let me know asap
  2. me and a few friends will be out riding tonight but not til around 7:30-8ish. picking up his new bike in moses lake at 6, but once were back were headed out.

  3. I need to keep my license this weekend. I do have my new silmoto exhaust mounted, though.
  4. i thought i was going to get one of those fancy paper things cops give out last night. luckily he liked my bike and the wheelie. :mfclap: and i bet the exhaust sounds great. still saving for my wings can
  5. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Well, I was planning on riding today, but my HoneyDo list attracted some unexpected additional tasks yesterday...

  6. I rode a small loop today, one of my favs. My place near Silverwood, Spirit Lake, Old Town, Priest River/Dufort Roads east to US95, Kelso Lake, Hoodoo Valley back to Spirit Lake and then home. 95 miles, 2.4 gallons of gas, 10 tons of fun. Still learning about my new ride.. getting used to noises, accepting the rear tire will be gone in way less than a thousand, and at the same time, becoming addicted to gravel roads! Would have liked some company but the opportuinty to ride materialzed and I had...HAD... to go! Was great. Will make my time with the 7th graders easier tomorrow!
  7. That sounds like a fun ride. Let me know when you do it again. I'll tag along.
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