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Sportbike Front Brake Line Length?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by ddonacazx12, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Anybody know where you can look up the length of ss front brake line kits?

    (spiegler, galfer, braking, whoever...)

    :scratchea :banghead: :scratchea

    After switching to later model radial mc and nissin calipers my lines are too long... Routing 'em GP style helped but it's a temporary fix at best, they're still too long up in the triple-clamp / head area.

    With the news about the layoffs, I don't have an extra two bills to get another set custom made. I'm hoping I can find an out of the box set, the right length.

  2. I had a horrible time trying to find the same information a couple of weeks ago. I finally just said screw it and went to CG and ordered a set of ss lines from Galfer. It's not too often that I get stumped looking for information, so if someone posts up I'd like to know too.

  3. Too bad you are not near spokane I would tell you to go to house of hose up here they have made lots of stuff for me over the years. They could shorten it up and put a new end on it in nothing flat, and it would be the same if not better than new.
  4. Spokane... , spokane...

    (opens mapquest)



    HOLLY CRAP... long ride.

    Well, thanks anyhow. It was worth a thought...

    I think I'm gonna go with a set of HEL custom made ones. I've had two different people from HEL manuf/dist contact me within 24hrs (one from each coast :shock:) so they seem to have bitchin customer service and their product looks to be of good quality. (for the same price as off the shelf)

    I'll give 'em a try and let ya know how it works out.

    Thanks fellas,
  5. Rippn

    Rippn Human Race Qualifier<br>FREE and clean

    the "HOUSE" rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'd be real surprised if there isn't a hydraulic shop near you w/ ships,and big eqip. around the area.
    FREE and clean, Ripp'n
  6. There's a similar hydraulics-supply place in the Tacoma area called "Williams Oil Filter Supply Company". They have done nitrous-hoses, fuel-hoses, and oiling-kit components for me - earl's, aeroquip, ect, etc.

    ...and of course, they do brake-lines too.
  7. i have to ask, what is GP style routing?
  8. cobra525

    cobra525 WMRRA Sportsman of the year

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  9. (around the front of the forktubes, just above the fender... instead of back toward the radiator)
  10. Well fwiw;

    03 - 06 zx12r galfers are 30"/32"

    (way too long if you have zx6/14 mc & cal)

    rubber line from 07+ zx6/14 that came with my mc/cal 26"

    measured the 12 with the new cal & mc got 25/27 or 26/28 depending on routing.

    Ordered the new set from HEL.
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