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Spotted Olympia area...

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by JIMMYRAY31B, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. So I've seen threads like this in other area sections and thought since I've been seeing a lot of bikes out lately and the weather is starting to get clearer, why not start one here.

    So simply just post up what kind of bike you saw, area you saw it, and about time. Maybe their're on this forum, maybe not.

    1st: Spotted '04-'06? Red/Black Honda 600RR on St Clair cut off rd. at 4:45pm today and a '06 50th Anniv. R6 (I know it wasn't you sean/R6roller) on Martin/Marvin around 2:30pm today.

    Oh also spotted Scooterrash getting in car at the College/Yelm hwy Starbucks parking lot, I beleive last Monday or Tuesday.
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  2. Creepy... lol kidding. I saw a pair of bikes last week couldn't tell what kinds aside sports. White / Blue and a Red / Black? riding together. Think they were both Hondas. Just off 109

  3. Lol..Being in the Army and a Military Police has made me a very observant guy I guess. Lol

    Just wanted to point out who's out there and see if it's any of the pnw folks on here.:mrgreen:
  4. Crap at least you have seen a few the roads I been on are DESERTED!!!! except for rednecks and old folks in the cars.
  5. Yeah, 'cuz I was a workin'. Dang it! It was amazing out... who is this dude, we should totally be hanging out.
  6. Which dude? Me?

    You know who I am Jeebus!
  7. No, he's talking about a guy I keep seeing around Lacey that has the same R6 as him.
  8. Oh well I is never in town on a bike much at all always out in the sticks riding......

    Oh if you feel adventurous and want to find out where Pe Ell McDonald road is dont waste time the road surface is screwed and needs to be redone unless you dont mind getting the suspension slammed every other 1/4 mile :angry7:

    Like I said was out and about lot of gravel on the roads gonna need some good rain to wash the crap off.................................
  9. That sucks. I was out and about on the country roads about 2 weeks ago and there was the gravel. So I've been pretty much sticking to the city parts and finding places to be a hooligan on the 250!8):devil:
  10. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    were they yamaha's? sarah and norm?
  11. Trust me a 250 woulda been easier than the 10,000 lb Tiger today gave up and rode the speed limit - plus have the frt peload to stiff so it was interesting :scared most of the road surfaces look OK for this year though.
  12. I don't think Sarah's been on a bike in 6-7 months!
  13. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    wrong.... i saw her on a bike (matt's drz) on the 2nd of jan.
  14. saw a newer blue and white gsxr 6 maybe leaving clearwood near yelm in the rain threw him a peice sign and he took of like a bat outta hell in the rain spinning first and second thought he was gonna squid out lol anyone on here?
  15. They sure as hell not impressing any of the crew around here - perhaps there will be a parts bike in the near future.............................
  16. saw some character on mullen rd se on a red/black 05'ish R1, he did a couple power wheelies..............

    then he turned onto kagy and did another.

    the one on kagy looked fun.

    he looked like he was having a blast.
  17. Who owns the silver with orange accents old style Ninja 250 with no exhaust baffles on Tumwater hill? That is one loud 250!
  18. saw this guy again rippen through some twisties likes to ride fast.
  19. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    this should be stickied.

    back on track. get out your bikes.

  20. Wait a minute! Your back from camp?
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