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Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by Thaloc, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Jumped behind a early 90's model Geo Prizm with a sticker in the back window yesterday. On South Wenatchee Ave, getting on the on-ramp to cross george seller bridge into E.Wenatchee about 4:20pm. 2 Chicks up front and a guy in back, I beeped and waved "Hi" as I passed. You; *gave me a puzzled look*

    No pics, I was on my bike and had no intentions of digging out my cell for a shitty pic.
  2. Spotted some skinny guy on a white Buell a couple days ago, but I was in my work truck, so meh....

    (thought it was prolly you, Thaloc, not sure though, theres a couple skinny guys w/ white Buells in town)

  3. Iv heard a few people say there is another white Buell in town, I have yet to see it. 4 or 5 lightnings tho.
  4. :secret: Lightnings are Buells also.
  5. [​IMG]
    Spotted today around 5
  6. I was behind the Geo again, wifey snapped a pic.

  7. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City

    Stalker... :mrgreen:
  8. Wenatchee...a place where you couldn't avoid you stalkers even if you try to too
  9. So your AV says Spocompton, yet you're around Wetsnatchee alot?

    So, ya, I saw Thaloc on his Buell the other day, but I guess he doesn't wave to cagers........
  10. Where I lay my helmet is my home.

    And you gotta be careful about waving at cagers in Wenatchee...could be a stalker lol
  11. Huh, well, if you ever see a black Yami Fighter around Wetsnatchee ridin' all hooliganish, chase me down and say hi!
  12. That goes for you too, Thaloc, I don't get the chance to do the Thurs. Night Dusty's thing, but I would like to meet a few more Wetsnatchee area riders, I'm not big on group rides, and prefer rides with less than 5 or 6 riders, just because having too many riders around makes me nervous and really cramps my style.
  13. On Valley Mall Pkwy, around 4-4:30.......


    And then, Intersection of Easy St. and the highway, got 3 of ya at once!


    Oh shit! Just noticed the wife missed the 3rd bike! Well, 2 outta 3 anyways!
  14. The guy turning on what looks like someone I used to know by the looks of it lol
  15. lol Thats actually my black Subaru in the picture Dart, so technically you got 4 of us :nana
  16. Nice!

    Ya, we were in the dirty-ass Legacy sedan that went by you!
    (Haven't washed it in 2 years!)

  17. Hell yeah Dart. I got Weds/Thurs off and usually do my longer rides then, usually late morning early afternoon I set off. Just rode up to Silver Falls and back on Fathers day, awesome ride other than the last 8 miles to Silver Falls, terrible pavement.


    And that picture is a liar, it should be 20 miles, not .5 lol
  18. Man, I got weekends off, and sometimes the wife and kids let me slip off on a weekday, but the majority of my weekday rides are the town and back rides, although I am finding more and more routes with decent twisties, they may sometimes triple the distance I ride to get to town, but it's well worth it!

    And ya, I know all about those lyin' Entiat River Rd. signs, I used to live almost 11 miles up the road, so I spent quite a few hours on that road, either one my old VFR or in my kraut racer MKI GTI............

    I've got a standing access to one of my buddy's 2 Lightnings, one day if I get a weekday off, I'll have to hit him up for the key and go take a damn Buelligan ride with ya! (I love those effin' bikes! It was love at first ride for me)
  19. Bout 2 minutes ago, Wenatchee Ave.
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