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Spring Dyno Tuning (spokane)

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by TamiJean, Feb 1, 2012.

Yes, I WILL be attending the Dyno Days, and I'll have this many bikes:

  1. One

  2. Two

  3. Three

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  4. Four or more

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  1. Hey guys i have been in talks with Nels over at 2wheeldynoworks and he is willing to come over sometime in march and tune some bikes. kind of same set up as before. we need at least 10 full tunes in order for him to make the trip over here. so lets get some bikes signed up and get tuning.
  2. What needs to happen to get on the list and how much? Wasn't here last year and new to the area.


  3. base runs 50, full tunes 175 but he normally runs specials on dyno days, 150 for custom tune. all you gotta do is confirm here to get on the list and pick a time once they get a date. since you're bike is carb'd, it'll be a test n tune base line runs, 50 bucks lets you know how its running and what you need to change if anything. info for anyone else, if your bike is fuel injected, most bikes need a power commander although triumphs, ktms and most suzukis do not need any tuner as he can plug directly into the bikes ecu and make changes., post up questions here, we have enough time to answer them. if you're interested in ecunleashed you can have it done prior to him coming over and throw it on the dyno when he goes over
  4. He comes from seattle so he needs at least 10 bikes signed up to make the trip worthwhile for him to make. He will usually tune on a saturday and sunday. Right now just getting a head count to see if we can get at least 10 bikes to tune. Then we can schedule with empire cycle or some other dealer for him to set up at. So basically im just keeping a headcount for now. A full tune costs 150.
  5. so far i have 2 people interested.
  6. If your on the fence on this I'd highly recommend this. Nels freed up 10+hp on my bike. Do the math 10+hp at $150=roughly $15 per hp. Pretty good deal if you ask me.
  7. If i dont have my vortex ecu by then i might go this route.
  8. If he shows before the 9th or after the 19th count me in.
  9. So lets try and shoot for a march 24th and 25th. That brings it too possibly 4 so far.
  10. Is everyone pretty set on having him over in march? I'll have more money to play with in April....
  11. Im in for both bikes, i will try to drag my friends in.
    Not everyone is on this site, how about we post it on craigslist if we cannot get enough ppl from pnw....
  12. so so far the list goes like this

    ktm690smc (maybe)
    elbowdragger (2 bikes) not sure if he charges 150 per bike or per person.
    tamijean (me) bringing one other for sure and 2 that are maybes.
  13. Well worth the time and money, I got a chance to do this last fall. great bunch of guys
  14. Anyone that has spent the money on a pipe and maybe a filter needs to have Nels dial in the bike. Triumph tunes and Power Commander tunes are very conservative and leave allot of room for improvement. I have had my two track bikes, one street bike and three friends bikes tuned by Nels and not only do you gain hp and torque more importantly you get a much smoother power delivery. Worth every penny in my book.

    I know of four bikes that have not been counted here that will need tunes around March. (3 track, 1 road)

    Nels, I found the problem with the fuel pump.
  15. awesome. that gets us close to where we need to be. once we hit the 10 bikes mark. ill talk to nels and then we can figure out if empire cycle can host again and set a date.
  16. Not a problem, always glad to have Nels there. Confirm the dates and we'll make it happen. -Bob
  17. i know of 2more Drag bikes that are going to be tuned before the season opener
  18. If anyone is tuning a 2012 ZX14R; I'd like to know about it and attend.

    This I would find highly interesting...
  19. I would love to see that also
  20. ok so updated list of bikes.

    ktm690smc (maybe)
    blakestone + 2 more bikes
    elbowdragger 2 personal bikes
    me + 1 for sure and 2 maybes.

    so this brings us to 8 bikes for sure and 3 maybes. just a few more and we can proceed =)
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