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Squid Mating Ritual

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by R6Roller, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Awesome that the rider kept the bike up. Horrible that the other guy couldn't turn though....

  2. Where was this filmed? These guys both ride like mad men.
  3. Juilin

    Juilin Captain Pubic

    What just happened? Is one of them pregnant now?
  4. Looked like some impoverished country....Rat City?
  5. Seems he was steering with his knees. Should have given' more knee. crackup:
  6. Riders in most parts of the world ride like bicyclists do here.
  7. Keep that clutch covered noob
  8. I am glad he reduced the time I was exposed to that pale ass tummy.
  9. no's the freedom of the REALLY open road.
  10. Target fixation?

    Thanks for the lulz.

    Is his brake on the left side of the bike too?
  11. It's not that hard to not hit things.... is it?
  12. Inquiring minds want to know....
  13. Things that make you go hmmmmm
  14. Oh, we crashed huh?
    Well, See ya later.
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