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st helens looking for fast paced riders sat morn.

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by zx14revn, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Iam bored , I will be up there for the day. Iam not going to take pics. Gona leave black marks in the corners. Looking for guys that that want to ride hard. Where ya at, and check the egos at the bottom of the hill.
  2. Go to the effing Ridge on the 31st - enough folks have died this week
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  3. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    excellent advice.
  4. My first thought too, not that Helens isn't a fun ride.

    I'm prolly gunna just gunna go gunna drop my bike gunna a few gunna times learning to gunna ride the balance point, gunna.
  5. St Helens is a good place to get cold cocked by a motorhome or car - or go off and go a long way downhill - plus the cops - I will stick to the sticks

    Fuck track is way safer
  6. Where is this Fuck Track you speak of?
  7. My new favorite place to ride The Ridge Motorsports at Shelton
  8. I didn't ask for advice, but I do see y iam never on pnw. Fuck it, I used to be a little bitch to.
  9. lol. Railing on public roads does what exactly?
  10. Aren't you cute!
  11. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

    I'm confused by your usage of the past tense.
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  12. Sorry I missed this post Brad. I will be installing the slipper clutch today. Looking forward to the next time riding with you.
    Sorry the trolls came out and shit all over this thread:roll:

  13. I honestly dont think there was any trolling in the thread untill he flipped his shit and was pissed people didn't feel like risking it.
  14. watch out for deer its not yet hunting season.Have fun we just want you to make it home.
  15. I think the trolls did come out on this. He asked if anyone wanted to ride and gave the pace of it.

    And I lol'ed at the comments to to the track especially when it came from people that I know love railing on the back roads.:roll:
  16. Looking forward to hearing how the install goes.

    Dude posted a ride and got nothing but people telling him he shouldn't go or ridiculing him. I think the only shit flipped was from the people who don't want to go on the ride but felt like they needed to post.
  17. And I respectfully disagree with you. IMHO thats what this is^^^^^^^.

    Pm me or come have a beer with me if you want to have a discussion about this thread. I am more than willing to try and understand your opinion.

  18. Dont get me wrong, I dont know him, or really anyone in the thread so its not a disprepect or shit talking thing. I just think he got a bit too upset by people wanting to play it safe after all the accidents. The fact we got two In memoriam banners up top. *shrug*
  19. If U dont want to play, then dont go.... But posting bullshit is for little girls.
    If U want to ride fast on the street that's ur business.
  20. "fast paced" is subjective. he is on a zx14 afterall, and we all know those don't go around corners quickly :nana: