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Standard Pilot Power vs. 2CT question

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Wayne, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. So, I know the 2CT is a dual compound tire. My question is, are the sides softer than the standard Power or, is the middle harder on the 2CT? For my riding, I would like to see that the 2CT had the same side grip (which is fine for my level) and a harder compound in the middle for increased tire life but, I question whether this is the case.
  2. The 2ct has softer sides than the standard pilot power, and the same middle section, but only in Portland. Outside city limits, the tires do whatever the fuck they want. If you want a longer lasting center, get a pilot road 2 or 3.
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  3. Thanks, R. W. that is what I wanted to know. It's just that I seem to be getting really good wear out of the 2CTs. For me, I will go back to the standard Power and save a few bucks.
  4. Damn it. That's what I was going to say.
  5. That is a nice diagram. I am trying to decide on tires myself.
  6. lena

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  7. I find the 2cts too soft on the sides and prefer the standard PP. The Pilot road 2s are pilot powers on the sides with the harder center. I put these on my 12, like em alot.
  8. I've been running the pures and have gotten amazing ware out of them. They do feel a little different than the regular pilot powers; they seem to be happier with more air in them, but maybe thats just me. I also don't seem to feel the transition from the hard to soft compound that I've heard some talk about. But that could just be me not paying enough attention. In any case, I love 'em, they give good grip and I've gotten good ware.
  9. Same here. I've gone through three sets of 2CT's and two sets of Pures. I've been getting about 1000+ more miles out of the Pures than the 2CTs. While I really liked the "feel" of the 2CT's, I like the Pures even better.
  10. Tiff


    I <3 the Pilot Road 3's.
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  11. Do the lighter/darker colors represent the softer/harder compounds of the tires it they just using different colors for different tires?
  12. This is absolute gold. Probably the best post I've seen this month.......maybe this quarter.
  13. that diagram helps me out perfectly !
  14. I loved my Pilot Road 2's. I got nearly 12k miles out of them and was still able to rip it up.

    Granted I ride the less sporty and heavier sport-tours.
  15. a buddy rides on PP 2's and has gotten almost 9,000 miles on them and still going strong, personally i ride 2CT's, second set, and i have liked them alot dont slide or hesitate in corners and ive dragged peg. But yes you will get longer life out of the Power 2's
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