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*Standing Ride for Salem Area*

Discussion in 'Salem' started by Mosser, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. I was thinkin of gettin a Standing Ride goin for the Salem area. What days? Any ideas or comments appriciated.

    For me I say Tuesday or Thursday...
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  2. Anyone Interested???

  3. I'm sure there are riders interested. Give the guys some time to log in and respond. There are more and more Salem riders joining the group. There should be another guy from Keizer who I met yesterday on a FZ6 joining shortly.
  4. I'd be in for a ride in the evenings... lemme know
  5. hey bro im deffinately down for riding.. evenings is always cool.. we should all get together downtown at the starbucks for a little meet and greet..
  6. are you going to reply to your thread or what bro ??
  7. Sorry been busy busy busy. I am thinkin that we should start the standing rides on wednsdays meetup at 6ish @ the circle K on 12th.

    Side note I am goin for a ride sunday the 12th prolly if interested...
  8. sounds good bro.. ill be there on wednesday
  9. the guys from Ptown are all going to be going downtown portland for a bike nite this wednesday .. we should get our guys together and all ride up to ptown together and meet up with THEIR ride .. that bike nite sounds like it would be the spot this wednesday.. the ptown boys all meet at starbucks right off Hwy26.. i know where its at ive ridden with those guys up there before.. what do you think ????
  10. You're all welcome to come. Bike nights are a blast and a good way to meet everyone you always talk to. Tons of great people, cool bikes, and good times :mrgreen:
  11. Depends on what other peeps think... Although it looks like it is just me and u for now so might be fun...
  12. Wednsday night ride is up to Portland this week check the other Salem thread for info...
  13. hey matt where are we riding to this week ???? should we ride out Liberty ?? whats the deal ???
  14. i talked to mosser and the standing ride is still on for tonite .. we will meet at the circle K on 12th , and we will leave at about 6:15 .. hope to see some salem riders come out !!
  15. Provided by Justin1400

  16. Damn! I just saw this. Count me in for next Wednesday!
  17. I'm moving to Salem this sunday, I've only been down there twice. Once for an interview, then again to find a place to live.

    So I'll be there for sure.
  18. it will be cool to see some new faces ..
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