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Steak run!

Discussion in 'Salem' started by Omnivore, May 13, 2012.

  1. So the wife wanted me to cook up some rib-eyes on the grill for Mothers Day. The store is across the street, but running down Liberty seemed to make so much more sense :mrgreen:
  2. With after thought, I should have had a shot of the finished Rib-Eyes all fired up and ready to go. 1.5 inches of delectable vein gelatin mmmmmmmm....Alas they are burp fodder, perhaps next year.

  3. nice vid. I'm hungry!
  4. Thanks!

    Funny I live a couple blocks from Safeway on Commercial, left that day to get said steaks and ended up at Ankeny U turned went to Safeway to hear..."That was fast" I said Yup! Obviously she wasn't paying attention or is just wise to me leaving to get anything on my bike. Probably the later, cause really, for me, that was actually fairly fast.
  5. lol I enjoy riding that road too. Next time you can take the really long way around then blame it on the long checkout line if questioned!!
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