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Stevens Pass Mountain Bike Park

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Arnbo, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Anyone else getting Stoked? So nice not having to go to Whistler for Chair
    Biking!!! Don't get me wrong A-line will always Rule But the Access of Stevens is sweet.Rocky Mountain is looking to log some Air miles this summer in between hunting trips.Who's riding? Let's go....:mrgreen:
  2. Wait a minute.
    You intend to propel yourself without any sort of engine?

  3. This is a damm motorbike forum not a pedal bike forum:thefinge:
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  4. hahahahahhahahaha. i wish i still had my specialized. ill be buying a MB again soon
  5. Is it really?:thefinge: That time of the month?
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  6. Gravity Grasshopper.....................
  7. Rode the new Truax at Galby for the Fanatic demo day 2 saturdays ago. Now I just need the money...
  8. You mean grossity.
  9. Nothing Gross about the feel of the suspension on my Downhill bike
    Try it you might like it Depending on the run you take NO pedaling involved!!!!!!!!! And some of the drops will have the pucker factor very high.
    Stevens is a little more mild then Whistler But still alot of fun. Not having to pedal to the top.
  10. I might have to check out Stevens this year. I try to get up to whistler every once in a while. So expensive!
  11. I'm down. need to get some solid biking in this year in between things =D
  12. Sweet 1 I'll let you know Mike and we can cara-Van it down.
    Just got my rear shock back from Push industries had it re-valved
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