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STG Suits for cheap

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by E36TitanM3, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. If anyone is looking for a suit for a good price check out Sport Bike Track Gear right now. I just picked up a two piece suit for $250. Just a heads up they are going ridiculously fast. I am not affiliated with them in any way btw.

    I literally got the email, clicked to the website, and bought a suit in 1 minute. During that time a bunch of other sizes were sold out immediately. Lucky I was sitting right in front of my computer at the time.
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  2. Quick is right! By the time I got on their site all my size/color combos were GONE. Crazy deal.

  3. I got that email this morning as well. checked the site out and picked up a teknic 2 piece blue for $250 with free shipping.
  4. Woot! Just bought one. Rep when I can!

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    All the fatty suits are gone. Bummar.
  6. You could buy my green fatty suit for $250......................It's the one in my avatar; size 48/58.

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    Might take you up on that... hard to turn down the right color.

  8. Hein Gericke with a "speed hump" on back, fully perforated, and a removable/washable liner...............very light scuffing on the right side. I'll have 'em at Pacific on the 10th at the 2-FAST trackday.

  9. Not so fast - I bought two suits this morning.

    Got an email back that both orders were cancelled. This AFTER I received confirmation emails of the orders. Orders CONFIRMED, not processing.

    They have still to respond to my hate mail :mfclap:. Hope they offer a discount on something else, I was SUPER excited to get this deal, and have a track day coming up in 4 weeks. / :rant

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    Ooh... Call me interested. Very.

    Pm me your cell.
  11. Got the same email.
  12. I recieved my fedex tracking number already. thats too bad that you guys had your orders messed up. They did the same thing to me a year or so ago on a closeout helmet. I purchased it and then they said "oops" that was out of stock.
  13. Thanks for posting. Missed out but maybe next time.
  14. No problem guys, luckily I got mine too. I desperately needed my own jacket after borrowing my roomies forever. Excited to get it though.

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    Thanks for the great deal muchacho!
  16. ok i'm an idiot..well I just don't know how this shit works. I see that have size 44US suits left. I got to the sizing for 44...chest 44 check (more like 43), waist 34-35 check (all my jeans are 34) sleeve 26.5 check (shoulder to wrist is 25), height 72 check, weight 170..houtson we have a problem...try 200. So my question is this, 4 out of 5 checks out weight doesn't. How does weight factor in? Suit will fit everything but my fat gut??? Going by weight alone I would be 48-50 think I would be swimming in that shit.
  17. Has anyone actually received their suit yet? Ordered mine last Tuesday, right after ordering it changed the blue 44 to unavailable (guessing last one), received my order confirmation e-mail, they pulled my money, but not ship status or return e-mails? Thanks - Erik
  18. Yes, it arrived today. The sizing is very strange. Ordered a men's 44 two piece. The size chart said that the waist would be 34-35. The pants measure about 44" at the waist. After zipping the jacket to the pants, there's about 6" of extra pant circumference zipper. Oh well, was worth a shot!
  19. Yes mine arrived today via fedex. It fits like it should and I am stoked. Now I just need to order some boots.

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