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Still riding during cold weather, warning

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by ninjaplay, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Dry pavement, but the tires are not heating up and times when it would be wheeling, it's spinning the back tire. Grabbed a handful of throttle coming out of a corner and the bike started a drifting slide with the back tire spinning, if I would have let it, I could have done a 360, but brought it back which was fun, but unexpected. If you haven't had dirt bike experience it could dump you quite easy, so just a word of caution. Can't hit the corners near as hard, and it's very easy to leave your calling card on the pavement. Fun, but beware the conditions are going to give some majorly different bike reactions. I have brand new M power pures that are broke in so it's not the tires. Was out riding at 9pm last night and today until a little after dark. Trying to get the last shots of fun in while the roads are not wet. I was out on one wet day and anywhere you give it throttle you are spinning forever, fun but I'm not looking at buying another set of new tires starting next spring. Yippy Skippy :scared
  2. whoa whoa whoa whoa there a second. Are you trying to tell me it's more dangerous to ride during colder, wetter months? What fucking nonsense sciencey bullshit is this? You keep you fucking logic to yourself for future reference there Mr. 2011

  3. an l without a clue that wants to control the world. shuv it a h
  4. Knew I'd find an unemployed idiot on here sooner than later.
  5. lol. u mad bro?
  6. Throw some Michelin PR3s on and you will still pull up in this cold.
  7. The PR3's arent the greatest in the cold to be honest. Iv been running a set since early spring. Great wet traction but when it gets cold the harder center compound cant still be a bit slippery
  8. SMDH, Really. Pilot powers all year round on the street. Awesome in the cold. no heating needed. Who plays with heat up cycles in winter on the street. So not worth it. If its not ready to hit the street the second I leave the garage then its the wrong tires.
  9. It's probably all that ethanol in the winter gas they are using now. Better hold off and not shift at 15k until the spring time.
  10. I use 109 non ethanol 6 a gallon, not for you unemployed bums. Of course most of you don't even have a bike so ethanol is the last problem you'll be worried about. Before the thread was hijacked by a few idiots, the point was there are quite a few deaths recently. And it could very well be from tires not holding in the cold. No ice, no rain, just cold contact. Lot of newbies getting to much bike for experience level and not getting traction in an emergency. It caught me off guard yesterday, Just one simple thought, but way to much to handle for some of the doofuses. For those people with only negative crap spewing, go start your own thread. Oh, I forgot you've never had an original thought of your own, and you only hide behind your computer and haven't had contact with anyone in years, afraid of the light and the people.
  11. I have been riding for about three years and just gotta take it easy let the bike do the turning... No leaning to much watch the throttle and more rear brake. Steady as she goes... Ride Hard, Ride Fast, Ride Smart, Ride Safe! Peace Wave! Thanks for the advice and the Thread Nin japlay. Chris.: popcorn:
  12. lol you use 109 octane? In a bike built for 92 octane? And we are the idiots? Enjoy replacing your burned out rings at the cost of $6 a
  13. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator Staff Member

  14. 109 in a stock 636 Why?

  15. I had some original Dunlop Qualifiers from 08 on my bike a few days ago. Those babies were spinning up every time I cracked the throttle. Then again, I was doing it on purpose!
  16. I put on Road 3's about 500 miles ago. and have had no problems. was realy surprised when coming out of a corner on the gas and brung the front end up in the wet. Loved it, ride hard all year. Get you some.
  17. I'm swinging my rear out on corners with a little throttle, very easily not intentionally, I don't want to wear out a new set of tires just playing. I'm running 109 full tank, and then fill it up again and will let it sit over the cold weather with a partial part of the second tank left ready for the spring. I won't have damage with the corn gunk. But many of you love that corn crap, that's some good stuff man! You can have my share too, just have a can of drano ready for next season:nana.
  18. I'm running a Pilot power front and a PR3 rear. Heat wise the PR3 get warmer. But the Powers are close. I only used the Power in the rear in the summer so i can't comment on cold weather.
    But i'm very happy with sticking with my 2k mile old Power front instead of shelling out another $150 for PR3 front. Haven't had it slip under normal conditions (heavy rain, cold).
  19. I'm running Pirelli Angel ST's, never had a problem. I'm still riding. Went out a couple nights ago at around 8pm up the Yakima Valley Highway and over Kanablast passt going very quick. It was 28 degrees, the road was sparkling, no problems with the Angels! Nothing wrong with octane boosters, rock on ninjaplay!
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