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Stirling Engine

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by bubba_zenetti, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. Probably the most steampunk of designs.

    I don't know how many of you like unique power plants like this. It works by the expansion and contraction of heated air. This is one of the finer examples I have found for this engine. There are tons of them floating around. You can buy kits for them or create your own. This one is amazing looking.

    I might have to stick one in a motorcycle:mrgreen:
  2. doesn't seem like very good throttle response...

  3. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member


    He needs a more precise heat source!

    Pretty cool, er, hot!

  4. Its not a very powerful motor, but they say it is fairly efficient in energy conversion.

    Just thinking about alternative energy sources in case we pump the planet dry in the next few years. Ill be that old fucker building steam powered bikes that all of you will be buying when you find out there is no more fuel left to power your sport bikes:thefinge:

    Throttle response? You got a point, we need to use it to power a generator that will create electricity to power an electric motor. Even Prius owners will be jealous!
  5. I built one of the first style, very similar to a steam engine train motor, back in fab/machining class in HS, cool little convo piece.

    So Bubba- if there's no more fuel to feed your bikes, what are ya gonna burn to create your heat source? Be a big PIA to stoke a furnace with firewood when you're riding down the road!
  6. Moonshine buddy!
    My friend makes a mean brew called Ruckers Tomb.:ninja:
  7. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Manure burns just fine.

    And lord knows, there's plenty of B.S. around this forum alone to last for centuries!

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  8. Rippn

    Rippn Human Race Qualifier<br>FREE and clean

    FREE and clean, Ripp'n
  9. Wow, I can buy one of these in kit form for just under $300!
    I am so going to buy one for my desk!
  10. I've actually made a sterling engine before. Granted it was a fan about a foot tall, it was pretty cool. Powered by a candle, it was good for about 800 rpm. Didn't blow air very well though. I might have the design somewhere if you ever want to make one from scratch lol.
  11. If only I had a lathe and a milling machine...
    They don't look very hard to build.
  12. I built one a few years ago. Still sitting on my desk. It runs pretty darn good. Put it on ice and it runs in the opposite direction.
  13. Pics?
  14. I'll post some tomorrow. Busy throwing up between posts sorry.
  15. Are you through being selfish? We need those pics.
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  16. Mic

    Mic Retired

    Stirling engines are great for circulating air in a small cabin. You can get fans that go right on your wood stove.

    I went through a phase where I spent a lot of time looking at different designs for them, and always thought one of these days, when I had time, I'd love to make one.
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