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stolen 09 raven r6

Discussion in 'Westside' started by adam52604, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Last night my buds bike was stole it is a 2009 Raven R6, mostly stock with sliders, fender eliminator, dark black wind shield and a rubber tank protector. looks like they busted the ignition out. If you see this bike please reply. Pics to come.

    North seattle area. shoreline through lynnwood likely areas.

    Plate: 3A5453 - Hard to read plate as it is aimed towards the ground a bit.
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  2. Christ, it's like Seattle is a breeding ground for MC thieves. You guys need to start cracking skulls up there and put an end to this shit.

    I hope your friend get's his bike back.

  3. thankfully the bike was fully insured but its a great bike that never had a single problem or wreck definitely want it back and hopefully in good condition.
  4. Pictures would be helpful here....
  5. Bummer man. Those are sick looking bikes. I'll shout out if I see something down here in the south end. Definitely need to crack some skulls.
  6. yes it looks exactly like that. thanks
  7. Exactly? Wait. What?

    GET HIM!
  8. :rant I'm in Shoreline where I got my MC license plate stolen last July, out of a locked underground apartment building garage. I didn't notice for nearly a week because I was only riding on weekends back then, but I called the Police as soon as I discovered the theft. The new Plate / new Number was only $25.

    To add insult to injury, two months later I got a bill from a Gig Harbor Collections Agency for $91 after the thief got a parking ticket in Downtown Seattle (dated 3 days before I reported the theft), probably on the same night the Plate was stolen. Why would the City send it to a Collections Agency before letting me know? I paid it.

    At least my bike wasn't stolen.... yet. :rant
  9. ^^^^^^^^thieves have probably tried to steal your 1200gs plenty of times, but then they realized that it weighs 900lbs and no one but a nba basketball can flat foot it, they gave up :evil4:
  10. What can I say? I need my Kitchen Sink on long bike trips. :tard:

  11. What do you mean, "looks like they busted the ignition out"? Did you watch them steal it? :scratchea
  12. I think he meant that was the only way they could have stolen it.
  13. We still have not had any luck with the bike. I have not spotted any suspicous parts for sale either. There was ignition parts on the ground so it was likely hot wired. Have to wait 2 more weeks for the insurance to pay up.
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