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Stolen 2008 ZX6R, Blue

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Tyson, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I walked out to my bike this morning to head to work and unfortunately the worst had happened - someone had stolen my bike. The thing that REALLY pisses me off is that I had just bough her a month ago (cash) and... I did not have insurance. To make matters worse, my bike had been parked in the secure underground parking garage in my building and the thief's not only just stolen my bike, but also stolen my friend Shelly's 2007 green ZX6R as well... Sucks.

    I know the chances of getting her back are slim, but if you see my bike for sale on Craigs List, or out and about I would really appreciate it if you could let me know. I will upload a couple pics, but a couple key identifiers are a yoshimura exhaust, carbon fiber panels on the sides of the gas tank, a yoshimura sticker on the top right hand side of the windscreen (if you are sitting on the bike), and a dumonde tech sticker on the right side of the swing arm (again, if you were sitting on the bike). My friends bike is the green version of mine, also with a yoshimura exhaust. Thanks for you help friends.


    p.s. - here is the flickr link to the pics I am uploading.

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  2. Plate number would help to.

  3. I will keep an eye out as well. But yes, a plate number would be helpful. Where abouts was your bike at, so in case I'm in that area I can keep a watchful eye out.
  4. As soon as I get home I will upload the plate number. The bike was stolen from down town seattle
  5. Reading about bikes getting stolen makes me kinda sick. I'm truly sorry for you and your friend.
  6. Cool, I will let my buddy who lives down town and rides too know once you post the plate number.
  7. sure thing brother.I drive/ride I-5 almost every day and will keep an eye open.You may get them back.
  8. do they have cameras in the garage??
  9. Ouch! With no insurance that's a pretty penny up in smoke. Best of luck getting it back.
  10. it's very interesting: there is a couple in Roseburg (Kirk and Shelly?) who have the same color scheme bikes (05-06 ZX6Rs). Blue (his), Green (her).

  11. I had a bike stolen back in 2006, it's the worst feeling in the world. Sorry to hear about the theft. I hope the catch the bastards, but I doubt they will. The cop told me when mine was stolen the recovery rate is pretty much hopeless:(. If you get it back or get a new one look into stated and motorcycle insurance, it's really affordable (like $300 a year for me) and the took really good care of me when mine was stolen. Best of luck in the recovery of the bikes. I will definately be on the look out for you.
  12. Alright, my plate number is 0c3380. Thanks for all your help guys, really wising I had gotten my shit together and taken out a policy right about now... stupid. They do have cameras, I'm working on seeing if i can get the footage and should have it by tomorrow. And that is a crazy coincidence, blue and green. They were good looking bikes.
  13. Did you have any sort of theft device on it, like a rotor lock or anything? I know if someone wants your bike bad enough that wouldn't stop them, but I'm just asking. I worry when mine is outside even with my rotor lock on it. But like I said, I'll keep an eye out. I put the plate number in my phone.
  14. Yeah unfortunately I didn't. Figured that parking it underground in a gated garage would be good enough. They cut out the ignition switch and managed to break the steering lock as well. Its scary that this can happen, makes me really angry. I would have payed the price of the bike just to catch the guys doing it... Thanks for keeping an eye out man, I really appreciate it.
  15. Man that sucks,Sorry to hear that. Will keep an eye out on the East side
  16. Check thi out..

    2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R - $1100 (Location)

    Date: 2012-07-16, 2:17PM PDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    This is the most beautiful bike at the best price you can have it.You will fall in love with her as soon as you'll see it.
    • Location: Location
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    PostingID: 3143570921


    So apperently thisis not the only post this "dealer" has postedi found more but other were flagged. Last 4 on VIN would b really helpfull

    Here is another one i found.. Now i know color is diffrerent palte location dont match and a few more But what are the odds of the same stickers on the same locations? Just saying a due had his R1 stolen before and someone found a identical bike on the same post..

    2008 Kawasaki ZX6R - $6995 (Tacoma)

    Date: 2012-07-14, 10:24AM PDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    6327 miles on this clean ZX6R. Call Pat 253-686-5344 or call me at the store for easy 0 down financing today!! Just search Pat on craigslist to see all my bikes or visit me online at
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  17. The last 4 of the vin are 3210. Thanks
  18. Hey man go to google alerts and create an alert for the bike (with year and model), VIN and its parts. This way, if your bike or its parts are posted online you will know. Alerts can be delivered each day. So sorry about your bike, i cant imagine the feeling.
  19. All thieves must be shot!!!

    Dudes, you really think the thieves are riding around locally with the license plates on???:tard:

    They are probably disassembled right now being parted out on ebay or/and craigs, probably NOT localy.

    The advent of internet sails is huge asset Godsend to scumbag car/bike thieves.
  20. Lesson learned - always insure your shit!

    Seen too many theft reports lately makes me paranoid. Sorry to hear about this...
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