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STOLEN: 2009 Yamaha R1

Discussion in 'Westside' started by TheProfessor, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I don't post too often, but due to the circumstance and advice of a friend, I'm hoping for some help.

    Last night between the hours of 7:00pm and 9:00am, my R1 was stolen from a gated parking garage at my apartment complex in Green Lake. Basically some person (or persons) cut the chain link fence that separates the retail parking from the residents and rolled the bike out. There is a camera at the entrance of the gate, so I will at least have a chance of seeing who took it.

    SPD has yet to show up, but I will be filling a report and luckily I'm fully insured and I have GAP coverage on my financing.

    If you see this motorcycle, please contact me through the forums. Thanks to all that read this.

    License plate is Law Enforcement Memorial 9598... yeah, that's right.


    VIDEO SURVEILLANCE (more coming soon)

    This is a shot of the thieves leaving with my bike:
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  2. Damn... Such a nice bike... Hope you get it back!

  3. Sorry to hear that buddy
  4. Thanks Sentor.

    This is the second bike that has been stolen from me. I had an R6 stolen in 2007, but I ended up finding it on Craigslist almost a year later to the day. Federal Way PD and I set up a sting and we seized the bike. Frames were swapped but the engine ID matched the original frame. Guy that was selling it was a supposedly a victim too, I don't believe it though.

    Insurance wouldn't give me the bike back because the VINs didn't legally match, so I appealed to the State Patrol who had possession of the bike. Those guys are great and they did me a huge favor and let me swap all my parts with my new R6 that I had bought in the mean time.

    Needless to say, I was completely OCD, stalked Craigslist for a year, but in the end it all paid off. I'm completely prepared to do it all over again too if it means I get the guy that stole it.
  5. Thanks Minoru, we'll bounce back buddy.
  6. Bet your glad you have that gap coverage..
  7. wow... I live close, I will look out for it. that's crazy they went through all that trouble to get to your bike, obviously they have been watching you for a while and know of a bike in there.

    people are fucked up to think it's okay to take other people's shit.
  8. I hate thieves.... Glad you were proactive and found it. I hope you have the same luck this time. Its pretty smart to carry GAP insurance on a financed bike these days.
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  9. thats crazy stuff! maybe you will get lucky and find it on CL again.
  10. Best of luck with the recovery. Did you live in the same complex when your last bike was stolen?

    The only time that it is not smart to carry gap insurance is if the amount is financed for significantly less than the value of the bike. Like if you financed 5k on a 20k bike.
  11. this sucks....Hope you get it back and not only back but SOON!!!!
  12. Thank god for insurance!
  13. Damn dude, I live and work in Ballard, I'll keep 2 eyes open, can't miss that bike at all
  14. Glad to see you have insurance! See everyone, just do it.

    Sad to see your baby gone :(
  15. Update: I have footage of the thieves in my garage. YouTube link to follow, but here are the stills:





  16. Scum. They took like total scrubs, exactly what you'd expect though I guess.
  17. Who wants to park another R1 there and wait for a blanket party?
  18. Karma will get them in the end.
  19. Because we all know the cops won't...
  20. True statement
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