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Stolen CBR 600 F3

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Koroku, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. IT HAS BEEN FOUND, WEWT WEWT. should i delete this thread now???

    Hello i live in south seattle right by white center, i wish i joined under better circumstances, my Honda CBR 600 F3 1995 was stolen today, and turning to the PNW to help me get it back!

    Color : Black, Purple, Yellow cbr colors

    Add. AVS levers, GSXR Exhaust, arrow front blinkers, Yellow Windsheild.

    LP: 9B6727

    Stolen by a white guy 6ft, blue jeans, white jacket, black backpack.

    If anyone sees this bike riding around could you please contact the authorities, and post, thank you

    Last edited: Oct 5, 2012
  2. What time of day was the theft? The description is about the same as the guy I chased off last month in Highland Park. Sorry about your bike, hope you get it back, and hope you are working with the cops on this.

  3. You should also contact, get a picture up there, lots of eyes in the neighborhood.
  4. it was in the middle of the day broad day light :/ around 3 ish pm
  5. You might also note what neighborhood this happened. Welcome to the boards anyway. :/
  6. moved to westside where people will see it
  7. You saw it in West Seattle?
  8. He was moving your thread so more people in West Seattle would see it the thread that is. Sorry bout your bike sucks....
  9. Welcome, and very sorry to hear about your bike.

    IF anybody finds the person, do you want to be notified of the location an hour or two before the police/medics are needed or just call the authorities directly...
  10. This is the same theft I posted yesterday after it happened, because Koroku wasn't a member here yet and I wanted to get the eyes watching for his bike ASAP.
    It is his first bike so you know it really means a lot to him. He has had it only a couple months.
  11. Damn, sorry to hear about your bike, we'll keep an eye out.
  12. Not sure how common this type of bike is...but...I saw one in Pioneer Square riding south on 1st ave. It looked like it had an Alaska plate on it tho, I was on the sidewalk so didn't get a good look...the plate was that burnt-orange color. The person was wearing black helmet, black jacket with a hi-vis yellow/reflective vest.

    *Oh damn...I didn't see the contact authorities part...I failed if this was yours. Crap.
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  13. thank you all ! and to answer one of the posts there is one bike like mine in West seattle/California Ave area but clear windshield instead of yellow.
  14. *She. Plummy is a she.
  15. As I posted in the other thread, you also have aftermarket rear sets (pegs). That combo, with a custom exhaust and aftermarket stator case cover is quite uncommon and will help anyone who knows bikes spot it.
  16. Hey, thanks a bunch ! but the good news is it has been found, and in one piece, apparently the guy realized the bike he stole was in fact not his "no shit" since it was found only 4 blocks away.
  17. Probably one of the few times a stolen bike gets recovered.
    Fantastic! Glad you have your baby back.
    Bring him to the Bike Cave and we'll check him over and fix anything the asshole broke.
  18. Nice to read a happy ending every once and a while.
  19. Wow good news! I think I'll go to sleep now with some positivity :mfclap:
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