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stolen f4i

Discussion in 'Olympia' started by blckdoutzx10, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. hey everyone, last night my buddy had his 2002 honda f4i stolen in west olympia. I don't have pictures yet but its the stock yellow that came on the bike. The plate number is 2A2817 and the vin is jh2pc35052m310230. I appreciate all the help and i know he would be extremely happy aswell. Thanks everyone
  2. I googled a picture of one, this is not the one stolen but it will look like this one....


  3. Yes that color with a yellow passenger seat
    I appreciate the pic jeffytune.
  4. No problem, I hope your friend get it back.
  5. Ok so awesome news. My buddy got his bike back. The cops found it in the middle of the road 3 blocks from his house in the same condition. After he gave the police the description, they called 15 min later saying they were sitting at his bike. Thanks for looking and helping
  6. Oh cool; I like happy endings. Do tell though; would be thieves couldn't push it any further?
  7. Thank God. Good reminder for everyone to keep their bikes safe!
  8. Well he lives midway up a hill and apparently the person was deciding to push it up hill instead of riding it down the hill. He left the handle bars unlocked with intentions to ride it but stuff came up and forgot about it being unlocked. But yea it seems they were tired of fighting gravity haha. Left it in the middle of the lane on the kickstand. People do the weirdest things
  9. Careful. Something tells me they might come back for that bike. I might hit up the po po and set up a sting.
  10. Good you got it back.Kinda hard to miss that one really but push it.Wow people are dumb.
  11. Were you on Alki this afternoon, around 2ish? I was eating pizza with my friend and saw a bike matching your description go by, with the yellow passenger seat no less. I blurted out "hey I think that bike's STOLEN!" My friend looked at me like I was nuts, but then I remembered you found embarrassing. Glad you got it back. :mfclap:
  12. Thats my buddies bike that was stolen. If my black beauty was stolen id still be crying.
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