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STOLEN:: Subaru Impreza 1996 Sedan Green

Discussion in 'Westside' started by nwskipro, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Good morning everyone.

    Fortunately this is not a stolen bike thread but alas my vehicle was still stolen...

    1996 Acadia green Subaru Impreza sedan with gold 5spoke wheels and a Thule ski rack. Other than that its just a normal daily driver with 226K miles so joke is on the thief (though I imagine it's just a joy ride)!

    Plates - AHP2921

    Stolen from in front of my house - 59th and 20th in Ballard sometime between 11:30pm Saturday night and 1:30pm Sunday afternoon (I know... late start to my Sunday... haha)

    Called the 5-0 and made an initial report over the phone but an officer never showed up to do the "actual(?)" report... going to call them again after work today...

    Anyway, if anyone sees it in a ditch or on some abandoned parking lot I'd love to hear about it!

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  2. I had my 1997 Impreza Sport stolen three years ago at Christmas time from the Lloyd Center in Portland. Subarus are high-demand cars in the Northwest and presumably easy to steal. A couple of weeks after it was missing, the Portland police called to tell me they'd found it parked with a dead battery a few miles from where it had been stolen. The thieves had cleaned out some of the valuables inside the car, but did no damage except a broken ignition so that it could be started with a fingernail file.

  3. Yeah I'm guessing it was just a joy ride. There was a sub and amp in the trunk but the trunk release doesn't work so they'd have to take out the rear seat to get to that stuff and even then that would be a pain to get the amp out the way it's mounted.

    Anyway, just hoping it shows up in decent enough shape... might be time for that EJ20 swap... :)
  4. Totally lame about the theft! I got much love for Subaru's.

    I hope you get it back in one piece.
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