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Stolen ZX6R -- Fife, WA

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Ryan83, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hey all, my friend suggested posting information here about my bike that was stolen from my apartments on Sunday night (8/12/11) between 5pm and 11pm.

    It's a 2007 Kawasaki zx6r, bright green, with aftermarket white 8-LED license plate light with 1 burned out bulb, and a white HID for main headlamp.

    VIN: JKAZX4P147A009128
    Mileage: 14,500
    License plate is 943757
    Washington plates with 2 useless reflector screws on the plate.

    Just hoping someone might happen to see it, already filed the police report. Just put a new battery in it and was looking forward to riding this week =/

    Thanks in advance for any help guys.


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  2. Sorry to hear that.

    Hope you get it back in one piece.

  3. That sucks man, did you have insurance? I know when my bike got stolen in 2005 state farm saved my bacon....
  4. Sucks man I'm sorry. My zx6r was stolen last month from my garage in Seattle, although I ended up recovering it which was awesome 8) so stay positive. Apparently this is a popular and easy bike to steal. Besides insurance and parking in a garage, you for sure want to get a disc lock with an alarm on it (xena is a good brand) and lock your bike to a immovable object of some kind in the garage if you can. A hidden kill switch of some kind wouldn't hurt either and they are pretty easy to install (

    Yeah, yeah if someone really wants to steal you bike they will do it but extra security doesn't hurt and will make thieves think twice. Best of luck getting it back, I'll keep an eye out in seattle.
  5. That sucks dude! I know you already gave a good description of the bike but pictures won't hurt to so if you have please put it here. Also do you know the mileage of the bike and VIN for it? So that if ever it appears on craigslist we can recognize it right away. Good Luck buddy1
  6. Thanks for the support guys. Yeah, my move into these apartments wasn't ideal, and I just didn't have a chance to get my security for the bike yet. Lost my brake lock in the move, and since my battery had been dead that was my first fix.

    VIN: JKAZX4P147A009128
    Mileage: 14,500

    Not sure which hosting site to use for an image, so I'll look around for that.

  7. Email me the pics, and I'll post them here on the thread for you.

    Or use photobucket. Really easy
  8. photobucket, then here if you can't figure it out.

    sucks about the bike, I'll keep an eye open in Kent / Seattle
  9. [​IMG]

    This is the best picture I can get. Only thing custom on it is the ghetto, sheetmetal bracket used to hook my license plate to the bracket.

    Thanks again for keeping an eye out everyone.
  10. I keep my bike in Federal Way, so I'll keep an eye out man. Hope you can get it back!
  11. just a quick bump since weekend is about to start and more people (perhaps including the guy who took this) might be out on the road :)
  12. Hey Ryan- the correct plate is 943757, right? The one you gave looks like your old plate...
    I'm cruising 405 on duty watching for it....
  13. ^yeah I think you're right, I was using an old registration since I couldn't remember my plate number, and found a newer one with that plate number on it. Thanks for the heads up!
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