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Storm before the fires

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by Guy M, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City





    It was a grand lighting show - but of course, now we've got fire & smoke...
  2. Wow = those shots. Thanks.

    Must have been a lot of lightning strikes behind those 3 photos !!

  3. Your shutter finger is quick. Great timing.
  4. Drove thru it after the coug game. Spectacular show!
  5. Entire valley is filled with smoke. I feel like I'm living back in SoCal. lol. Crews doing an awesome job of keep fire away from all the houses.

    If any of you folks are thinking about doing Devils Gulch, Mission Creek, Sand creek, etc, not gonna happen this week. Fire is basically going from #2 Canyon Rd all the way to Mission Creek Rd.

    I missed the storm....was camping in Oregon.
  6. I couldnt see across the river to East Wenatchee when I woke up this morning. I guess the air has been deemed hazardous around Wenatchee.
  7. I rode from Seattle to Spokane via Hwy-2 on Tuesday and it was a mess. I was thankful 97 was still open as far as the canyon to Waterville. I went up Banks Lake to Grand Coulle (sp) and that town was pretty messed up as well. On my return trip Wednesday via Quincy it was worse, and there was smoke in the air you could see as far as Spokane.

    Thanks to the firefighters who are trying to control all this.
  8. This is so messed up. My eyes are burning and I can't even walk up the driveway from the garage to the house without coughing. My lungs are killing me. I don't feel like doing anything except sitting down in the house in front of an air purifier.

    This is what its supposed to look like:

    A nice spring afternoon


    this is what it looked like at 6 pm this afternoon:


    I'm supposed to leave for SoCal on Monday morning. But with one of the fires burning less than 2 miles from the house......I don't think I'm going to go. Unless by some miracle it rains and the fires go out. hahahahahaha
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  9. Stay safe over there! I'll pray for rain for ya! While I love the sunshine, I wouldn't mind some grey, rain soaked days too. My Dad was a wildland firefighter/smoke jumper (since retired) and I've heard endless stories about these wild fires and how squirrely they can get...
  10. We got tired of our smoke so the wife and I drove to Mt. Rainier for some sun and scenery today. With all the back-burning that has been done above our house I feel like we are finally safe. I still haven't heard of any homes lost. Has anybody?
  11. Nothing that I've heard of Breeze. Only a shed. We were going to head out for a ride, but it was breezy and clear here in Cashmere, so I talked the spouse into helping me de-clutter the garage. He can really get things done when he's motivated!!! lol. Got an Element full of recycling and trash to bring into town.

    We're gonna go somewhere tomorrow.
  12. I fought wildland fires for 3 years, including the Tripod complex fire in 2006. Crazy times. You never know whats gonna happen
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