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Strange crash caught on video

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by mfrankpdx, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Looked like a legal strike. Well ahead of the gill plate. Shouldn't have thrown it back.

  2. ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. I bet that dude had a sore neck the next day that was fkkin nuts!
  4. :mfclap:

    that's gonna leave a mark..
  5. shelbyguy

    shelbyguy Picture Whore

    serious burn
  6. hmmm could report you for that, but won't :p

    jews do believe that Jesus existed, as a person, just nothing more.
  7. I have never been on a forum until now where the reposts run so rampant.


    If the forum owners were cool id say we need a subforum for all the reposts to be moved to. Then we can make fun of all the retards to who get their posts in there.
  8. I learned this wonderful skill from Reddit. The OP gets lost in the netherworlds of the internet, and the reposter reaps all the beautiful karma. :mfclap:
  9. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    Green dot!
  10. Why is it such a sin to repost? I have to tell you, I don't fucking search shit if something caught my eye. I simply share it.
    tatonka likes this.
  11. Thanks for being a good sport! That is might un-..... Nevermind, I'll stop now.
  12. +1

    Thanks for posting, cuz I hadn't seen it yet. :popcorn:
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