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street legal atv's

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by svytlana, May 29, 2008.

  1. is it legal here, what all is involved to get plated. swear i saw on with wa plates the other day.
  2. what? not here that I've seen. I know down in Mexico when I was in Ensenada I rented a quad and you could take them on the street with traffic. It was fun as hell racing cars off the line on the street with a quad. I wish we could do that in WA.

  3. I heard its leagal in some states but not ours
  4. it's legal in idaho...they drive over here every now and then
  5. to make a ATV street legal u need the following (depending on make and model ofcourse)

    DOT aproved components:
    Headlight (high and low beam required)
    Turn signals
    Tail light
    emergency shutoff (stock with most models)
    Mirrors (yes both sides)
    40-65 db horn
    roll cage
    HIGH PRESSURE TIRES (probable the hardest thing out of all of them)

    Now these mods are requires for Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and i wont any further east

    The following states it is completely ILLEGAL to do a conversion:
    California, and Nevada (this is west only, most eastern states are illegal as well)

    Idaho, Michigan, and Alaska are the ONLY states in the USA that do not require any conversion OTHER than mirrors and a headlight.

    The total cost of doing a street legal conversion on a Kingquad 750 is about $6900 +/- depending on taxes and actual cost of high pressure tires...
  6. roll cage ?????

    glad my bike dosn't need that
  7. it doesnt say if the tires are DOT aproved...but it looks like a good option.... Usualy people that do a conversion like that wind up getting new wheels and putting car tires on it....Course you have to have custome made wheels for the lug pattern...
  8. See them all the time in AK when I am up visiting my family.
  9. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    There's not a snowball's chance in hell you will ever get an ATV plated in Washington State. The State Patrol no longer does inspections, so even if you buy all of the necessary conversion parts, there is no way to get the thing certified/legal, and the DMV will not issue you a plate. It's damn near impossible to convert even something like an E-model DRZ400, despite the fact that it is almost the exact same bike as the DRZ400 S-model. Any vehicle titled as off-road only is 99% not gonna happen. The only way I've ever heard of people working around this is by sneaking it past some idiot at a private DOL office, and think the chances of that these are mighty, mighty slim. I've heard Oregon is a little looser about this, but that they've also tightened up considerably. If you've got a friend in Idaho, maybe you could work out a deal...
  10. That is from the Feds and Washington State Patrol. I just went through a lloonnggg meeting on this very topic.

    If it's a car, it has to have bumpers, crush panels, airbags, etc....

    The Feds and WSP take a very simplistic view, if it has 3 wheels, it's a bike (even if it's a pick truck like the ZAP) if it has 4 wheels it's a car.
  11. In Idaho and Montana they will plate them with just a mirror and horn added....... think those plates are just for fire roads and certain counties though although I have seen a grizzly rollin down sherman ave before. They run up around priest lake all the time. I've also come out of christmas hills and followed 2 down the highway into st. maries doin 50mph.
    There is talk about some spots north of spokane allowing it as well.
  12. greenr6

    greenr6 At Banned Camp

    depends.. street legalibilty of vehicles in this state still has the number one juristiction of decision at local levels.. for example the town of conconully, wa it is legal to drive any atv's on the plates.... no turn signals nor mirrors..either.. just need the orv liscense..and wear a helmet and have a driver's liscense.. in that county okanagon county has made it legal to do the same on some of the county roads up and around fish lake for example.. just becarefull of the road as there are signs stating if its legal or not.. but there is a measure in okanogan county trying to get pushed through to make all county roads open to all ATV's..The state only trumps out counties and town on state highways and freeways.. and roads on state lands...
    Last edited: May 30, 2008
  13. I've been riding ATV's for 15 years and never had the desire to make it street legal. Sure, it's a novelty to be able to ride one on the street, but it's not practical at all. Whether you can or not, why the hell would you want to? The handling would be sketchy at best.

  14. greenr6

    greenr6 At Banned Camp

    my atv handles quite well on the street.. it would be very practical in town where you dont want to waste so much gas just to go to the store yet.. a scooter or motorcycle and carry everything you need to get.. the atv would be very cheap and efficient to travel through town getting the things you need.. taking up less easier parking.. taking up less sspace on easier on traffic..
  15. tedg04

    tedg04 ted sux

    most atv's worth riding get worse mileage than my car. by worth riding I mean somewhat fast
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