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Street tires, are they durable?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Claireamber, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Can street tires take a long time without getting worn-out. How can one prevent them from being worn-out?
  2. The easy answer is..... Don't use them. They won't wear out if you don't ever drive on them. Have a nice day. crackup:

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    Thanks for the spam. Good to know you won't be back.
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  4. :mppoint:



  5. Come on guys. You know that the best option is to soak them in Armor All; puts the plasticizers back in them.
  6. They will actually, rubber outgasses.
  7. It's all relative... what your definition of lasting a long time - ie. what kind of mileage? Generally you will sacrifice grip/performance for longevity in tires, although modern tire technology has changed that theory a bit with multi-compound tires (harder rubber in the middle for more durability, softer rubber on the shoulders of the tire for performance and grip while cornering). Take a look at Michelin's line-up, as they use the multi-compound construction in a lot of their tires. Pilot Road 3's, Pilot Power 2CT, etc. There are tons of manucaturers out there doing this but that's one example.
  8. I save my front tire as much as possible by lofting it in the air everywhere I ride. Police don't really like it but all the little kids give me thumbs up, especially when I'm up-on-one pulling a ton through a school zone and they are getting the fuck outta the way. At least I think it's a thumbs up.
  9. A lot depends on how you ride. The speed, distance, road surface, weight of bike, weight of rider, passanger, riding style, tire type and aire pressure in tire will all impact on tire life.

    I've heard that the Michelin Commander 2 tires claim a better life than average.

    Just my two cents, if you don't need new tires at least once every year, you aren't riding enough.
  10. People do realize that the OP is some kind of spammer right?
  11. I run my tire pressures 18 in the front and 19 in the back
  12. cobra525

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    Put them on a Ducati, they seem to last forever.
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