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  1. Can we get an encore? That guy was pretty entertaining!
  2. haha, that's pretty great. My bike is durty btw, do you have that lady's number?
  3. One of the best "stunt" vids I've seen!
    At first I was like:glare:
    Then I was like:w00t:
    Then it was:ROTFLMAO:
  4. bwaaahahahha they spent more on that girls outfit than the bike ...
  5. should have given him more bike and her less outfit!!:evil4:
  6. Funnier than watching skwrl trying to take off his oil filter... crackup:
  7. I was hoping the cape would get caught in the chain and choke him out
  8. I'd liked to have more of the babe washing the bike (or was that a Whizzer?) than the kid. Although the face dive into the pavement was funny.
  9. I am getting a cape, and I don't care what anyone thinks
  10. [​IMG]
  11. If they're good enough for Evel they're good enough for me :nana [​IMG]
  12. And they did a great job too! :mfclap:
  13. Greatest stunt vid ever
  14. This was good!!!
  15. :spoton::ROTFLMAO: Enough Said...........
  16. There is an exception to every rule, I know I am not Mr Keneivel, but I got to meet and ride with him.
  17. Please let there be more... of her.

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