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Sully Track Day at Pacific Raceways 9-13-12 Who's in?

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by GPaddict, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Nobody started this thread yet so i will, who's in?
    Mike Sullivan has another awesome school/track day on the 13th of September at Pacific Raceways in Kent, who's coming to play? Weather looks perfect 70*, after that 7 months of wait for next season, season is almost over so lets go to play.
    I'm in !
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  2. I have a 2008 BMW R1200GS loaded for tours, but my rear tread has no chicken strips on it, so I'm in! Sounds like a great way to play without worrying about 18 wheelers barreling toward me in the other direction.
  3. I'm in! Might be vested if anyone needs help. I love riding with the Sullivans
  4. In. See ya all @ track entrance.
  5. NoQuarter#121

    NoQuarter#121 WMRRA #2 Overall Points Champion

    I might come by and say hello!

    No riding for me for a while.
  6. valleybusa

    valleybusa Speakerphone Bandit

    you mean you can't get a glove over that castcrackup:
  7. If I can swing gettin' the day off, I'm definitely going to be IN!
  8. Anyone doing a track day double header? Sullivan and OPRT This week its gonna be rad.

  9. Yep... gotta follow the fast.:mfclap:
  10. Tempting,- made me thinking, but for know just Sully day
  11. In, then to Portland for 2fast
  12. I'm in, if it's not too late to register. I'll be in the slow group on my Ninjette. :)
  13. Its never to late ! or you can bring cash to.
    BTW tomorrow 80* so for those how's not gonna come over to play your lose :nana
  14. AS USUAL Sully put on an amazing track day on a simply fantastic day. I'm sorry for Mike that there weren't more riders but it made for a great trackday. YOU shoulda been there. Lots of room on the track for a change. Perfect weather --low 80's, not a cloud. And no red flags or crashes! And best of all, Steve0 patiently helped me get the right line to T2 thru my thick skull. Amazing how the best line makes all the difference. And a few other turns got sorted out instead of muddled. Made more progress today than for the past few months. Thank you Mike and thank you Steve0. Great fun!
  15. I agree, it was an absolute blast. I had Donny all to myself (never thought you'd hear anyone say that, didja? :nana) for the first few sessions. I don't think his bike ever got outta 3rd gear with my little Ninja screaming her way around the track...

    Then I followed the fast 250 guys around for the last few sessions and learned even more. Jack is one fast kid!

    Class act all around from Mike and the whole crew.
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