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Summer project on R6

Discussion in 'Westside' started by volante10, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. A quick summer project that adds a little flavor with my ride.

    Cost: Under $50
    Time duration: 4-5 hours
    Longevity: unknown
    Satisfaction: Priceless

    Enjoy pics:






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  2. painted (plasti dip) stock black rims to gold. which gave the bike a blue and gold color theme...
  3. Juilin

    Juilin Captain Pubic

    Hard to get the full effect in that light but good job, nice looking bike.
  4. Thinking of taking the factory decals and replace just the yamaha and R6 decals to gold. What you guys think?
  5. Deven

    Deven Dee-von White

    taking off factory decals is going to decrease the value of it...
  6. seriously?
  7. Deven

    Deven Dee-von White

    yep yep
  8. Looks good. Lets see how many washes and waxes it would hold up to.
  9. looks like theres gold on the tire in the last picture? when you say "dipped", whats that mean?
  10. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

  11. what is that?
  12. Go to youtube and type in plasti dip. you'll be impress and start using it. I guess its the trend nowadays.

    Thanks, for letting me know about those decals. But how much of a difference?
  13. Wow, I had no idea! I've never done it, but I always like seeing cars debadged. It looks alot cleaner in my opinion. Depending on whats under the hood can turn it into a little bit of a sleeper! Kinda hard to do with a sportbike though...
  14. Ok, that's pretty good. I thought those were the stock gold wheels.

    Of course, I'm looking to pick up a set of black wheels, since the stock gold ones look like crap with the Raven color scheme.

    As for the decals, I'm already debadging my bike, but not by removing the badges themselves. I just replace the whole panel with an OEM replacement, then stick the originals in storage. Costs around $500, but I can always go back to factory if I want - and I've always got spares in case I drop the thing.
  15. Hey you got those new sticky Dunlops on.
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  16. Yeah, the dunlops are pretty awesome and sticky.

    If you want, I trade my stock rims for your gold rims once the plasti dip gets worn. :thefinge:
  17. Nice, I plastidipped my car wheels. Held up almost a year now of washing and daily driving. Have to do touch ups whenever I get tires changed though.
  18. I'm assuming this was the last part of painting and you lost patients? crackup:
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