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sun anyone?

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by wavygravy, May 4, 2012.

  1. Why yes, Thank You. I'll have double shot Venti, no precipitation Please. :sunny::cloud9:

  2. On call for work :rant You know how that goes in the water business :angry7:
  3. Management doesn't do on call at my water place, I know there will be more sunny days, I'm anticipating more wavy roads, & have a bad case of spring fever!! I'll pass an evo for ya today! Have a great day !!
  4. Another fj rider I see! I call mine Harley spanker! We must meet!!
  5. I've called mine many names over the years. However, recently when replacing the valve stem seals, we found that FJ really means (as noted by galenernest) "Fookin' Jesus!".
  6. :sunny:vtr2::eek:ccasion::wav: the weather liar says its gonna be nice!:mfclap:
  7. We Need to get a ride together soon!
  8. Yes we do,who's available when? Post up ya'll
  9. Im available almost all the time!!
  10. Dude! I'm goin to Astoria around 9 I sh, got a cell or address? I want to see your motard! Call 360 244 0047
  11. I was just in Astoria last night. Meet up with a guy at Safeway and bought a bike for the wife. Next time we head that way we will post up here and let you guys know we are coming. A bunch of us were out that way a couple weeks ago too.

    Sounds like a we need to go visit some folks from other parts Greg.
  12. I did a couple of rides over the last few days. I had my wife on the back for each ride, and they were last minute rides. It's hard to get everyone together when we decide to go at the last minute. Most of the time I take her when the kids are in school during a mid-day weekday. I would try to be there if something was planned.
  13. I'm ready for a plan every weekend! I know how busy you are john, I got to meet drz400 sun. Afternoon, I love motards, next project fj 1200 motard! Post up for rides gang!
  14. Oh ya me & my wife challenge you & your wife to duel on the twisties of your choice, anybody else wanna ride this crazy train?:mfclap:
  15. Can I bring my dog as passenger?
  16. Ya if that's all ya got goin on, but we might have to bungie on a brick or 2 for ballast to make it fair!
  17. rode to sandy's guns & ammo in long each today & got another ruger lc9 for the wife, check him out lots of selection! Great guy good prices! Any who we now have matching pocket pistols, then rode to shooting grounds & had a blast! We hope you all got a chance for a ride y'all!
  18. I've been busy so far this weekend with my boys doing a fundraiser for a big scout trip, and I've been catching up on yardwork. If it's decent on Monday, I might be game for a ride, but I don't know if I'll get the wife to go, or if she might try to make other plans for me.
  19. I want to know where you ride to go shoot. That sounds like an excellent idea. My wife would be up for that too.
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